asthma-in-rainAsthma is an immunological disorder producing symptoms at the respiratory system affecting the lower respiratory tract lungs and bronchioles.

Monsoon proves worse for Asthmatics while is boon for others who have drenched in sweats for last many months???
Moisture content in air rises up as monsoon arrives. This mixes with the polluted air and our entire body. The immune system which is already deteriorating fails to fight against the foreign body. This in turn gives rise to breathing difficulty. Over response of body to fight back thus results into a condition which we call as asthma.

So before we know to cure the disease we should be well versed with the knowledge to keep the disease at bay. The triggering factors should be avoided for example factors present in the environment and also in our diet. Cities today we live in makes it next to impossible to avoid this pollution and other climate changes happening. Persons prone to these (Susceptible) disorders will get affected and manifest in many ways called allergies.

Practicing yoga and other physical activities which may increase the lung capacity should be done along with medication. A special diet should be taken in order to avoid food you are allergic to. Food which has tendency to produce cough should be avoided. Early dinner should be made compulsory for the patient.

When superficial symptoms are produced conventional medicines (allopathic medicines) act well enough to control and give instant relief to the person, which is yet only a temporary solution to a chronic deep acting disease.

When we are looking in for a long term relief called cure, we must look for a treatment that treats the root cause and not just the superficial symptoms. Hence, the target should be treatment of the disturbed immunity.

Homeopathy deals in treating the patient as a whole, whereby we keep in mind the causes which may derange a person’s immunity. That is internal and external factors both play a vital role in disturbing a person’s harmony.

When immunity is targeted the defense mechanism of body is made strong. Body’s own capacity to fight against the disease will increase, which in turn will increase body’s capacity to increase it’s healing powers. Once the body is strong enough to react against the odds in life no internal or external factors can affect the body.

When treated with homeopathy the increased symptoms come under control with help of body’s power to fight against the allergens and thus resistance is developed. Thus, the intensity with which body gave symptoms while reacting to the allergens would get automatically less with time.

Homeopathy helps to figures out and removes your susceptibility in order to treat asthma which is the key way to bring out cure.

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