underactive thyriodThyroid gland produces thyroid hormones that control our metabolism which helps the body to use energy.

What is underactive thyroid?

A deficiency of the thyroid hormone (thyroxine) is known as Underactive thyroid or Hypothyroidism or hypothyroid.

INCIDENCE- Women are 10 times more likely than men to develop Underactive thyroid


Symptoms vary from women, men, children and infants. These are as below:


  1. You may notice that your skin becomes dry, rough, scaly and itchy.
  2. You may observe that your weight is increasing rapidly. Your clothes are becoming tight. Rings are not fitting in your fingers.
  3. You might see that you are losing 80-100 strands of hair per day, while combing, washing hair and oiling.
  4. Loss of hair in the outer part of the eyebrows.
  5. Swelling around the eyes with double vision or blurred vision.
  6. Menstrual irregularities like Heavy than normal menses or irregular menses.
  7. A history of Miscarriage may be sign of this problem.
  8. It may also lead to Infertility.
  9.  Irritability and depression are the other signs.
  10. Does fatigue drag you down day by day? If most of the time you feel so tired,lazy, sleepy, weak, low energy, fatigue, cold are the other symptoms.
  11. Bodyache
  12. Swelling of the feet (pitting edema)
  13. Constipation
  14. Excessive sweating
  15. You can have difficulty in breathing while taking simple steps.
  16. Palpitations (can feel your heart beat)


  1. Loss of hairs while combing,hair wash and oiling with thining of your hair
  2. Unexplained weight gain with poor appetite
  3. Weakness
  4. Excessive sweating
  5. Tiredness and fatigue
  6. Muscle ache and Bodyache
  7. Stiffness of joints
  8. Sexual dysfunction
  9. Depressed mood.
  10. Irritability


  1. The growth of the child may be delayed
  2. Short height of the child as compared to his age.
  3. Poor concentration in studies
  4. Feeling lazy and tired all the day.
  5. Memory weak.
  6. Delayed milestones
  7. Hoarseness of voice

Infants (new born):

  1. Swelling of the face.
  2. Constipation
  3. Excessive sleepiness
  4. Large protruding tongue

Any of the above mentioned symptoms should alarm one’s senses and immediately go for a thyroid test and seek treatment for the same.


Homeopathy provides effective treatment for Underactive thyroid. It is especially helpful in those cases which are recently detected and have not started with any allopathic treatment. Allopathic treatment consists of providing the thyroid hormones in the form of tablets externally. These tablets are adjusted as per the levels of deficiency in the body. However, its a temporary solution to the problem.

Homeopathy stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. It brings back the capability of the thyroid gland to produce its own hormones. Hence, gradually the thyroid gland recovers and dependency over external thyroid hormones in the form of medications decreases. Homeopathy restores the natural and physiological functioning of the thyroid gland. When the imbalance is corrected, the symptoms of the disease subsides maintaining the general health and well-being.

Read patient’s case studies of successful¬†treatment of Underactive Thyroid by homeopathic treatment at Life Force Homeopathy Clinic.


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