Asthma is a chronic illness affecting the respiratory system and results in narrowing down and the inflammation of airways in the lungs. A person suffering from asthma experiences discomforting symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, persistent coughing, wheezing, or tightness in the chest. Homeopathic asthma treatment is gaining popularity & significance because of its ability to promote relief and recovery from the condition naturally and safely without any side-effects. The physicians can help you control your asthma triggers by identifying the underlying causes. Homeopathic medicines effectively manage the symptoms when you are under the care of qualified homeopathy practitioners.

If a person is diagnosed with asthma, figuring out which type of asthma the person suffers from helps you better manage the attack as you are well-informed about it. However, it is tricky to figure out the type of asthma you have, because asthma triggers are different for different persons. This article makes a generous attempt to categorize asthma so that you can figure out by reading which one is yours.

Types of Asthma

  1. Adult-Onset Asthma

Adults who experience asthma for the first time find it quite annoying. So, you might be wondering what causes asthma in adults, aren’t you? Let’s have a look at it. There could be many possible reasons for the development of asthma in adults. Sometimes, people don’t experience the symptoms of asthma until they are grown-ups. Some people overlook the mild triggers for years. When you grow up and become an adult, the symptoms turn prominent enough to bother you, and you look for medical assistance. Adult-onset asthma may fuel up when your roommate brings in a pet or you sense a certain chemical odor for the first time. Other times, a viral infection can unveil respiratory illness and coughing that lingers around for weeks. Adult-onset asthma homeopathy treatment helps build up the immune system which prevents frequent cold and chest infections.

  1. Allergic asthma

Allergy carriers, such as dust mites, pollens, and pets, trigger allergic asthma. The majority of people in India with allergic asthma suffer from allergies, such as hay fever or eczema. If you are suffering from allergic asthma, homeopathic medicines are at your rescue. The homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances and are safe and non-habit-forming. Homeopathic remedies address the root cause of the disease and control acute asthmatic conditions without weakening your immune system.

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  1. Seasonal asthma

A person who has asthma that springs up only during a particular season or month, such as when the blackboard tree flowers bloom in full swing, fever due to allergic reactions is very high, or it’s cold. Pollen and the weather are two primary seasonal triggers. Although asthma is a chronic ailment, you can regulate the recurrence of the symptoms by staying away from the things or substances that trigger an asthma attack.

If you have been suffering from seasonal asthma, consult your physician or asthma care center to get rid of the discomfort quickly. Following appropriately prescribed medicines and staying away from the triggers can help you obtain relief from seasonal asthma.

You might not have to take additional medicines if you are already following homeopathy treatment, as it will boost your immunity and prevent the allergens from triggering the symptoms. Seasonal asthma homeopathy treatment is widespread in India & worldwide due to its effective results.

  1. Non-allergic asthma

Non-allergic asthma is a category of asthma that do not trigger due to allergic reactions from pollen or weather. It is not as common as allergic asthma, but the reason behind the asthmatic attack is not very clear.

  1. Occupational asthma

When irritants, environment, or work-related conditions at your place of work trigger asthma, it is known as occupational asthma. You could have occupational asthma if:

  • Your asthma is first triggered as an adult, particularly when you are at work or due to work-related conditions
  • Your relief in the respiratory troubles are better on the days when you are not at work

Occupational asthma is also one kind of allergic asthma which can be categorized under adult-onset asthma. For instance, if you are in the bakery profession, you might be allergic to flour dust, or if you work in a pharmaceutical firm, chemical dust and fumes could adversely affect your respiratory airways. Living and dealing with occupational asthma becomes easy with homeopathic asthma treatment in Mumbai. You can get the right treatment when you consult an experienced and reputed homeopathic doctor.

  1. Severe asthma

Around 4%-5% of people suffer from severe asthma. There are specialist asthma clinics in India that treat patients of severe asthma with homeopathy medicines. Severe asthma can be recognized with these typical symptoms:

  • You have enduring symptoms although you have been on steroid inhalers of higher doses. Or, in spite of being on medicines, you run out of breath all the time.
  • You have had two or more asthma attacks in the previous year.
  • You are dependent on inhaler thrice or more than thrice every week.
  • Additional factors for your asthmatic triggers have been negated by the doctor.
  • For severe asthma patients, different medicines are required. For instance, long-term homeopathic tablets can help alleviate the soreness in your respiratory tract.

Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma:

Homeopathy is quite effective in treating asthma by addressing its root cause and safely without any side-effects. For asthma symptoms, physicians prescribe medications like:

  1. Aconite

Aconite is a homeopathic remedy that treats dry teasing cough that gets worse during the winter season or when you are exposed to the cold air. It is best effective for the acute asthmatic situation when the person coughs with a wheezing sound. It provides you immense relief in the discomforting constriction sensation or tightness of the chest. If you take this medicine in the repeated interval, you can get relief from cough and wheezing sound.

  1. Arsenicum iodatum

Arsenicum iodatum is best recommended for asthma patients suffering from allergic asthma. When the exposure to the dust, pollen or certain food results in a runny nose, sneezing and inflamed eyes, Arsenicum iodatum is indicated. This homeopathic remedy is recommended when you experience the burning of the nose and eyes along with watery discharge before the asthma episode begins. The medicine can provide comfort when taken as per the prescription. Asthma homeopathy treatment boosts immunity and grows natural reflexes to reduce the effect of allergens in the body.

  1. Sambucus

Sambucus helps clear the blockage of the nose, particularly in children. It provides relief to a child who feels suffocated while sleeping and wakes up suddenly. Sambucus helps in mitigating the congestion in the chest, nausea, pressure in the stomach, and dry, suffocative cough at midnight with difficulty in breathing.

Homeopaths and trusted homeopathy doctors who treat asthma with homeopathy prescribe extremely diluted natural medication so that the body can heal naturally and you can experience long-term relief.

So, if any time you or any of your family member or friends happens to suffer from asthma, count on homeopathy without a second thought.

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