Treatment-for-Urticaria“Happiness is, a scratch for every itch”, said the poet Ogden Nash. If you suffer from Urticaria, you are probably looking for a treatment for urticaria which offers a permanent solution. Is homeopathy a good solution for urticaria? Let’s have a look to see how Homeopathy can help:

Have you been diagnosed with Urticaria?

Urticaria, commonly known as Hives is an allergic skin reaction in which red rashes are seen on the skin. Your condition may be acute (temporary and short lasting) or recurrent and long lasting (more than 6 weeks). You may have red, raised patches which are very itchy.

Are you fed up with the frequent recurrences?

If you have had more than one or two episodes, it is likely that you know a lot about Anti-Allergy medicines already. (probably good enough for others to rush to you when they have an allergy themselves!).

Anti – histaminics, Montelukast or Colchicine are usually prescribed for flare-ups. Immune suppressants like steroids, cyclosporine or methotrexate may be given if your urticaria does not respond to the above.

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Is Homoeopathy a good option for Urticaria Treatment?

Homeopathy offers excellent scope in the treatment of urticaria. Rather than a generalized Anti-histaminic, an individualized homoeopathic remedy is chosen for every person. This remedy takes into consideration the manifestation of your urticaria, extent, associated diseases, nature of urticaria, and your triggers – heat / cold / food / sunlight / pressure / chronic infections (…the list is endless!).
Also, homeopathic remedies do not have the side effects of immune suppressing medicines and histaminics like weight gain, increased eruptions after stopping steroids, sleepiness, loss of appetite, stomach upset, etc.

Homeopathic medicines heal at a deeper level and aim at correcting your immunity, rather than suppressing it. Hence, a long lasting cure can be expected without becoming habit forming.

Dr Rajesh Shah (MD Hom.) has developed certain research based homeopathic remedies for urticaria, based on his experience of over three decades. If you too would like to experience the gentle cure of homeopathy here at Lifeforce, do get in touch with us today. Ask us how Homeopathy can help you for your Urticaria treatment.

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