Our every-day sensation!

Why am I scratching all day in out on my leg????

Is there something wrong with my legs or my skin???

Does this questions always bargain in your mind….

Skin is the largest organ of the body, having pivotal role in maintaining the antomy of the body, where it resists the body against the pathogens.

Itching is a potential process of removing irritants from the body, but sometimes it may become so intolerable that it can even lead to some serious injury ultimately leading to secondary infection and futher degradation such as ulcers and etc.

Itching alone sometimes can be only a superficial cause but a persistent itching problem that too on a single or local part of body can be a serious concern when it is due to an underlying systemic ailment.

So let’s find out its causes, symptoms, treatments, preventions and discover more about dealing with it.

So itchy legs !!!

Usually the most commonly affected areas are thighs,.ankles and talocrural i.e. heels, futher spreading to feet and ultimately leading to a sensation of burning spreading to private areas.

When itching starts body starts releasing histamine from the cells usually which gives the sensation of itching and this is a cyclical process. Though plesurable in starting leads to futher itching and the itch-scartch-itch cycle continues……
Most common symptoms accompanied with itching are :-

  1. Redness
  2. Bumps
  3. Spots or blisters (hives)
  4. Skin dryness
  5. Some times scar formation which inturn are more itchy

Itching of the legs must be clearly differentiated from other sensations like leg pain or leg tingling.

So some of the main underlying causes of itching can be:-

  1. Poor hygiene
  2. Keratosis pilaris- Thickening of hair follicles resulting in small skin coloured brown bumps. Having the sensation of heat and irritation. Even the touch of clothes irritate the affected areas ultimately leading to itching.
  3. Folliculitis- Infection of the hair follicles with Staphylococcus aureus (bacteria). small red bumps , acne, These small bumps are usually itchy or cause a burning pain.
  4. Leg Itch in Unfit Runners – Vigorous exercising done after a break of long time can feel itchy for some time. This may be due to poor oxygen state.This may cause irritation of adjacent nerves causing itching.
  5. Cholinergic urticaria- Hives are red, swollen bumps or patches appearing on the skin as an allergic reaction to physical stimuli, like pressure of the clothes, exercise, heat, sunlight, cold, vibration, water, spicy food, or emotional stress.
  6. Itchy Pants Syndrome – Wearing new pants or ones made by synthetic material may irritate the skin and cause contact or allergic dermatitis.
  7. Gravitational Eczema – In deep vein thrombosis pooling of blood takes place causing severe itching and later ulceration.
  8. Restless Leg Syndrome – Strong urge to move the legs because of itching and tingling that develops during rest. Symptoms disappear with moving the legs or a short walk. This disorder is of neurological origin whith no known causes.
  9. Nervous Disorders – Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes mellitus and Herpes zoster are some of the conditions that can affect the nervous system and cause itching.
  10. Itchy Legs during Pregnancy – Due to poor circulation, it is common to feel itchy legs during pregnancy.

So why homeopathy for leg itching?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine where every disease is treated as an individual,it has a holistic mode of treatment.This is how we do not only treat the underlying symptoms but root cause of the disease also. Root cause is too be treated and should be kept in mind that it should not reoccur.

Stop learning living with hives , give yourself a beautiful life.


  1. have red bumps with a small re spot on the inside of my calf itching and burning

  2. itchy and burning inner of my calves with a few red spots and discolored purple patches is there a home remedies for this

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