Eczema-DoctorThe scaly, dry and itchy skin. The troubles in the winters. The patch that takes away your sleep.

Something that hinders and comes in the way of the beauty endowed to you. The patch on the skin and the pain in the mind. All of this calls for the one. The one who can relieve the skin and release the stress. The one who can give back health to skin and peace to your mind. The one who can decrease the itching and the worries. He/She is the one we search for, the Eczema doctor.

Eczema is a notorious skin disorder which causes inflammation of the skin. As a result the skin becomes dry, thickened, or scaly. There may be some amount of hyper-pigmentation of the affected parts. In children and adults, eczema typically occurs on the face, neck, and the insides of the elbows, knees, and ankles. Oozing and crusting is also seen sometimes rash.

It is crucial for a patient to know the exact nature of his disease. The patient must be educated regarding the causative as well as the risk factors of the disease. Hence this will aid in search for an appropriate therapy that will help him get rid of the disease and live a symptom free as well as disease free life. So, you have to be very cautious to choose your Eczema Doctor.
A Good Eczema Doctor will not simply prescribe medicines for your condition, he will also explain you the nature of your disease, the causes and risk factors. He will guide you regarding the scope and limitations of the different treatment options available.

Here are the list of different queries and treatment options that A Good Eczema Doctor will answer and guide you about:

Your Eczema Doctor will inform you about the cause of the Disease?

He/She will explain you that the eczema is nothing but expression of the deranged immunological responses on your body. Your over-active immunity is causing reactions that are manifested on the skin in the form of eczematous patches.

Your Eczema Doctor will inform you about the Triggers of the Disease?

He/She will explain you that eczema can be triggered by various internal or external causes. Internal factors include a generalized and prolonged hypersensitivity (atopy) to certain environmental factors. These factors could be chemicals, drugs, pollen, dust-mites, etc. External factors include contact with factors such as irritant substances, certain allergens and due to photo-sensitivity.

Your Eczema Doctor will inform you about other associated diseases?

He/She will explain you that YOU MAY OR MAY NOT exhibit one or more of other associated diseases such as asthma, hay fever, urticaria, food allergies, etc.

Your Eczema Doctor will inform you about best treatment options?

He/She will explain you that the best treatment for your eczema is the one that can correct the imbalance in the immune system. When the problem is addressed at the root cause, it provides long term solutions. The best therapy is the one that corrects the immunity and stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. It will help immunity gain its balance rather than suppressing it.

The problem lies within and hence the solution also has to act from within. He/She will also guide you about the hazards of external ointments and steroidal medications. He/She will explain that these medications suppress the immunity instead of correcting it. Hence, you may feel that the disease is no more there, but as soon as these medications are withdrawn, the disease bounces back with much greater force. The conventional medications include the use of steroids and external applications which due to above mentioned causes doesn’t provide help but ruins the state of the disease.

Homeopathy provides in-depth and permanent solutions to Eczema. It does what is supposed to be done. Homeopathy acts internally and restores the balance of the immune system. It treats patient as a Whole. It considers the type of eczema you have, your triggers and risk factors for your body. It considers your constitution and accordingly treatment is provided. Homeopathy aims to stimulate body’s own healing mechanisms. Hence, the immunity is not suppressed but is aided to recover. Cure with no-side effects and restoring body’s own healing powers is the best an Eczema Doctor will aim to provide you. Homeopathy can help him/her achieve these goals.

So, choose your Eczema Doctor cautiously and move towards the road to recovery.


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