Hair is a very essential part of one’s personality. Hairs offer a great cosmetic value for both men as well as women. Since decades both men and women have tried to look better and better by caring and trying to improve the length, quality, texture and volume of the hair by using different tactics.

Today, people are suffering from a lot of problems related with hairs such as hair fall, premature graying of hair, dandruff, split ends, psoriasis of scalp, Lichen Planus of the scalp, alopecia areata and so on.

Since a few years, markets are overflowing with different shampoos and hair tonics. The makers of these shampoos and tonics make huge promises about their products and claim that these products are capable of treating any problems related with hair.

With the increasing awareness about homeopathic medicines in the people, some pharmacies have also started the production of homeopathic shampoos and other homeopathic preparations.

It is very common practice among the people to try various shampoos and other hair care products if they start experiencing problems like hair fall, dandruff or premature graying of hair and other hair problems.

Some are highly influenced by constant advertisements done by the companies making such products and some are unaware of role of medicines in treating such conditions.

Dr Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force advises the readers of this blog not to spend money on using various shampoos and hair tonics, which are called homeopathic shampoos. The fact is that there are no homeopathic shampoos, in real sense. So-called homeopathic shampoos are the commercial products sold under ‘homeopathic’ banner. They are not going to treat any disease conditions whatsoever.

He advises the readers to consult a qualified and experienced homeopath for such problems. The homeopathic medicines taken orally can give very good results and there is no need to use any specific shampoos or hair tonics. As they have no role in the treatment except cleaning the hair off dirt.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, Life Force suggests that homeopathic medicines only should be given to the patients suffering from different hair problems. These medicines are enough to fix up the hair problems. There is no need to use a specific homeopathic shampoo or hair tonics as they are having no role in treating or improving the health of the hair.

He advises the patients having hair problems not to waste money in trying out different homeopathic hair shampoos and homeopathic hair tonics.

Homeopathic medicines work very well in treating the above listed problems when it is taken orally and when it is given by a qualified and experienced homeopath.

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