Hernia treatment with homeopathySome people approach homeopathic physicians for the treatment of hernia. Let us discuss in brief what is hernia before talking about its homeopathic treatment.

Hernia is a condition where there is a protrusion of an organ down the cavity which holds it. Often, it is seen as a bulge beneath the skin on the body, on naked eye examination.

Types of hernia:

Depending on the location and body part involved, hernias can be divided into five different types.

Inguinal hernia (seen in the inner part of the groin)

It is most commonly found in men. The bladder or part of the intestine protrudes through the abdominal wall in the inguinal canal in the groin.

Incisional hernia (occurs as a result of a previous surgical incision)

In this type of hernia, there is always a history of abdominal surgery done in the past. The intestines push through the abdominal wall at the site of the previous surgery. Mostly, obese, sedentary, and elderly people are affected by this type of hernia. These people have lax abdominal muscles due to a lack of abdominal exercises.

Femoral hernia (seen in the upper part of the thigh near the groin)

This is mostly seen in females.

Umbilical hernia (seen on or near the umbilicus)

An umbilical hernia is mostly seen in newborn babies. Sometimes it is also seen in an obese female with a history of many deliveries.

Hiatal hernia (it is found inside the body on the upper part of the stomach):

A hiatus or hiatal hernia is characterized by protrusion of the stomach into the diaphragm through the opening of the esophagus.

    Causes of development of hernias

    Weakness of the muscle walls and increased pressure in the abdominal cavity are the two main reasons for developing hernias. Following actions are known to cause increased pressure in the abdominal wall.

    • Occupations include lifting heavy weights. Ex. Porters.
    • Chronic constipation.
    • Persistent coughing and sneezing in conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
    • Straining while urination as in prostatic hypertrophy.
    • Excess body weight with lack of exercise.Life Force Homeopathy

    Symptoms of hernia

    Usually, a hernia presents itself in the form of a bulge beneath the skin which increases in size when coughing and disappears or reduces in size when lying down. Hiatal hernia causes the symptoms of heartburn.

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    Homeopathic treatment for hernia:

    It should be noted that a hernia is not a medical condition. It is a surgical problem that can be fixed by a surgeon by performing herniorrhaphy (surgical repair of hernia) on the patient.
    Because of the nature of the disease condition, neither conventional medicines nor homeopathic medicines are suggested for hernia, as they have no role in the treatment of hernia. No medicine can cure a hernia. Homeopathy has no treatment for hernia.

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