nose bleeding treatmentEpistaxis or nosebleed:

It means bleeding from the nose. The bleeding from the nose occurs most commonly from one nostril.

Most of the cases of epistaxis can be managed at home. But, there are a few instances where the patient suffering from epistaxis has to be admitted in the hospital for its management. In this blog we will see how one should manage the patient of epistaxis at primary level.

  • Do not panic: Sight of blood gushing through the nose is enough to make any person panicky. But, instead of becoming panicky one should know the ways of controlling the blood gushing thorough the nose. Holding the soft part of nose firmly with the forefinger and the thumb for at least 10 minutes will stop the nosebleed in most cases.
  • Cold compress: Apply cold compress around the nose and cheeks with the help of ice cubes wrapped in a clean cloth or napkin.
  • Do not lie down: Lying down can cause backflow of the blood in sinuses and throat and it can choke the patient.
  • Sit with head tilted forward and breathe through mouth.

What if with above measures nose bleed does not stop?

  • If the nosebleed does not stop after 10 minutes it is a sign that the person should be taken to the nearest hospital.
  • If the patient is taking blood thinner medicines like warfarin or aspirin, this has to be brought under the notice of the doctor.
  • Sometimes, patients with uncontrolled nosebleed may also found to suffer from bleeding disorders. A close medical intervention is necessary in such cases.
  • Nosebleed after a head injury or fall or trauma accounts for some serious problem. Such cases should be directly taken to hospitals.

What shall be done for the prevention of recurrent epistaxis?

  • Once the bleeding from nose is stopped, the patient should take rest with head elevated at about 45 degrees. He is not allowed to lie down in supine position (lying down on back).
  • Blowing of nose should be avoided by such patients.
  • Do not strain yourself while passing stools. This can cause fresh bleeding from nose.
  • Do not pick the nose or put anything in the nose.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Try to eat cool diets like ice creams, cold juices or cold drinks. Do not take anything hot like soups or coffee or tea for at least 24 hours of the last attack of epistaxis.

This is all about the primary management of epistaxis.

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