DiabetesWith India becoming the Diabetes capital of the world, every fifth Diabetic in the world is an Indian. Scary isn’t it? With more and more Indians falling prey to this sweet devil called Diabetes, it is important that every one of us be alert. While the influence of genes cannot be largely controlled, there are various other factors that can be. Here are some of the factors that put you at risk of developing Diabetes:

Are you an apple or a pear?

If you are heavier around the abdomen (apple shaped) rather than being heavier around the hips and thighs (pear shaped), you are at a higher risk for developing diabetes.

How much is too much:  Use a measuring tape at the level of your belly button to determine your waist circumference. If you’re a male and measure more than 40“ around  your waist (35” for females), you need to be careful.

Under Pressure:

We all know how raised blood pressure strains your heart to put you at risk for heart disease. Well, what’s worse is that it can put you at risk for developing Diabetes too.

How much is too much: A single instance of High Blood Pressure may not be too bad. If your blood pressure consistently remains above 140/90, you are definitely putting yourself at risk.

Keep an eye on your BMI:

Body Mass Index or BMI is calculated using your height and weight. Though not an accurate measure of body fat, it is a better indicator of your obesity than weight alone.

How much is too much: A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered normal. If your BMI is above 25, you are definitely overweight and at higher risk for developing diabetes.

When Age catches up:

Type 2 diabetes has always been associated with older age groups. However, in recent years, younger adults and even children are seen developing diabetes, especially if other risk factors like family history or obesity are present. If you are experiencing symptoms like increased urination, increased hunger or are losing weight, do get yourself checked for pre-diabetes even if you are young.

How much is too much: People above 40 should get themselves tested especially if they are overweight. Those above 70 should get an annual check done for sugars.

Having a family history of diabetes, sedentary life, or being diagnosed as pre- diabetic are other risk factors. While there is not much you can do about your genes or ethnicity, other factors like waist circumference, high blood pressure and sedentary lifestyle can definitely be corrected.

If you are at risk for diabetes, now is the best time to bring about changes in your lifestyle. For those who are already diabetic, homoeopathic treatment can help maintaining insulin and allopathic hypoglycemic medications on a minimum level. Homoeopathy also has good scope in preventing further progress of Diabetes. To know how Homoeopathy can help you for your Diabetes, get in touch with us.


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