Tips for InsomniaInsomnia or sleeplessness can be very frustrating especially if it is a recurring episode. This may include poor quality sleep, difficulty falling asleep or waking up too early or a feeling of not being fresh or sleep being disturbed. Here are some tips for Insomnia or Sleeplessness:

Tip 1: Maintain Regular Timings

Try to maintain fixed hours of going to sleep and waking up on all days. This will help your body clock get accustomed to become sleepy and wake at fixed times. Tempting as it may be, avoid waking up late on weekends; even if you haven’t had great sleep the week before. Avoid napping during afternoon hours.

Tip  2: Exercise, but during the day

Moderate and regular exercise helps in improving the quality of your sleep. On the contrary, exercising just before you go to bed will only stimulate to keep you awake. A gap of 3 hours between your exercise and bed time is ideal.

Tip 3: Watch what you eat before you sleep

Munching on a snack just before you go to sleep can keep your digestive system (and you) awake. Digestive troubles due to a condition called GERD can also contribute to your sleeplessness. Also, if you suffer from an enlarged Prostrate, frequent urges for urination will keep you awake. Hence avoid eating or drinking just before going to bed.

Tip 4: Eliminate all stimulants

Caffeine (found in coffee) and Nicotine (from your cigarette) has a stimulating effect that can last up to a day. Alcohol or too much food may make you drowsy initially, but can cause frequent awakenings later. Certain medicines like inhalers for asthma or decongestants can also play a role in acting as a stimulant.

Tip 5: Re-condition yourself to sleep

Limit your activities in bed to sleep only, so that your mind associates your bed to sleeping. If you cannot fall asleep, try relaxing activities like a warm bath or listening to some calming instrumental music. Avoid using your bed to watch television, make calls, listen to the radio or worry about your work/finances.

If health issues like GERD, asthma, enlarged prostate (called BEP) or anxiety are keeping you awake, homoeopathy can help treat these diseases and thus, your insomnia. To know how Dr Rajesh Shah at Life Force can treat your sleeplessness with Homoeopathy, get in touch with us.

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