Prostatitis TreatmentProstatitis is an inflammation or swelling of the walnut-sized gland called the prostate which is present below the bladder in males. Prostatitis treatment depends on the type of inflammation – whether it is of recent origin, is of long standing duration and if it is present without bacterial infection.

Acute Prostatitis Treatment:

Acute Prostatitis is when symptoms like – high fever, pain at the base of the penis, lower back pain and a weak stream of urine – have a sudden onset. In modern medicine, antibiotics are the main course of acute Prostatitis treatment. If you cannot urinate at all, it may be an emergency requiring hospitalization. Drinking lots of fluids, sitting in a hot bath, stools softening medicines and pain killers can help too.

Chronic Prostatitis Treatment:

Long standing or recurrent Prostatitis may or may not be associated with the involvement of bacteria. Men suffering from Chronic Prostatitis may not suffer from fever, but may have symptoms like pain during urination, urgency, increased frequency of urination, low back pain, difficulty in passing stools or pain during inter-course. A variant of chronic Prostatitis called Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) is commonly seen wherein no bacteria are found. Symptoms typically increase and decrease from time to time.

Treatment in Modern Medicine involves treatment of the symptoms as they arise – pain or medications to ease the flow of urine, or antibiotics as need be. In rare cases, small stones in the prostate may be the cause for recurrent infections. Specialists may advise removal of the prostate gland by surgery in such a case.

Homoeopathy has a very good scope in long standing and recurrent Prostatitis treatment. Dr Rajesh Shah (MD.Hom) has years of experience treating Chronic Prostatitis with his research based molecules. When used along with traditional homoeopathic medicines, Homoeopathic treatment at Life Force for Chronic Prostatitis offers very good results. Individualized treatment is offered which takes into consideration the cause of Prostatitis, extent, genetic pattern, hormonal imbalance, emotional sphere and other factors which contribute to your disease.

If you would like to choose Homoeopathy for Prostatitis treatment, do get in touch with us at Life Force Homoeopathy.

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