10 Foods that make Psoriasis worse


Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition with severe itching, scaly flakes, and thick patches on the skin. It can appear mostly on elbows, knees, scalp,  hands, and feet. It can also occur in the lower back.

Apart from medicine, diet forms an integral part of psoriasis treatment. Here, we will discuss 10 foods to avoid psoriasis that every psoriasis patient must know.  What foods make psoriasis worse? – This question keeps ticking in every person’s mind with psoriasis.

If you are facing any complex skin issues such as eczema, pityriasis rosea, or lichen planus, it is recommended to start with homeopathic treatment, healthy diet, and lifestyle changes. Before you kickstart with a comprehensive treatment plan for your skin, it is important to get your skin issue diagnosed correctly to rule out eczema, lichen planus, or pityriasis rosea in psoriasis case. These days co-morbid skin issues are on high rise causing complex skin problems due to auto-immune disorders.

At Lifeforce Homeopathy, we provide comprehensive treatment solutions homeopathic treatment for eczema or psoriasis and focussed lichen planus homeopathic treatment. It is important to take psoriasis or eczema homeopathic medicine and lichen planus homeopathic medicines under the direct care and expertise of professional homeopathy.




Food to Avoid in Psoriasis

  1. Avoid gluten-containing food: Gluten is a component found in wheat, barley, rye, etc. it is responsible for giving the dough elasticity. It is found that if patients start taking a gluten-free diet i.e. avoid wheat, barley, etc from their diet, they get relief from psoriasis.
  2. Food containing Yeast like bread, pizzas, dhoklas, (a Gujarati delicacy), and burgers should be avoided as yeast is added to the above things for making them soft and fluffy. Yeast is known to aggravate psoriasis.
  3. Anti-inflammatory diet: As psoriasis is an inflammatory condition, a diet that has anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce it.  That means low-fat diets, and fewer dairy products like full-fat milk, cheese, and paneer made from full-fat milk. Patients should also avoid having ice creams and chocolates as they have high-fat contents.
  4. Red meat: Red meat and beef are known to aggravate psoriasis.
  5. Alcohol: Alcohol is known to aggravate conditions. It is known to dehydrate the body and thus worsening the problem.
  6. Monosodium glutamate, (MSG): This content is found in processed foods, Chinese preparations, and some pickles also. MSG is known to aggravate psoriasis. So patients with psoriasis should avoid eating Chinese, processed snacks, etc.
  7. The whites: White sugar, white rice, and white flour i.e. refined flour or maida should be avoided in psoriasis.
  8. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are known to aggravate psoriasis. So eating tomatoes should be avoided.
  9. Caffeine: People taking excessive tea and coffee are known to develop psoriasis. So caffeine intake should be limited.
  10. Fried food: Those who have a habit of eating oily and fried stuff excessively are at higher risk of developing psoriasis.Life Force Homeopathy

Then what shall I eat?

Omega 3 fatty acids:

Foods like flax seeds, flax seeds oil, and some nuts like walnuts contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. The inclusion of this in the diet helps in the reduction of psoriasis.

Fish and fish oil:

Studies have proved that daily intake of fish like mackerel, sardine, salmon, and herring has resulted in a benefit in psoriasis.


Fresh fruits and vegetables:

These are of the highest importance in the diet. Generally, dark-colored fruits, like cherries, plums, papayas, and vegetables like green leafy ones are good sources of antioxidants. They help in reducing inflammation and are of great help in psoriasis.

Combination of diet and homeopathy in psoriasis

Homeopathy offers very positive results for the treatment of psoriasis. Dr. Rajesh Shah has done extensive research on psoriasis. His wide experience of 30 years offers a great benefit to the suffering patients.

As homeopathy brings cure from within, and it helps in setting right the deranged vital force i.e. immunity of the body, the cure is usually permanent and long-lasting. If you have any queries regarding any chronic disease, feel free to contact us. You can give us a call at +91-22-66888888 or drop in an email at info@lifeforce.in

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10 Foods that make Psoriasis worse

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