Tired of applying uncountable ointments, doing time-consuming washes, & having multiple medicines to have healthy skin? We get your struggle! Dealing with psoriasis is not easy, particularly when you don’t have a solid solution for it.


Psoriasis is an inflammation-causing skin condition that affects approximately 2%-3% of the total population. It can occur at any age irrespective of gender, but most commonly occur in younger generations. It’s an autoimmune condition wherein the immune system becomes overactive and starts attacking its normal, healthy cells & tissues.


In normal conditions, the skin cells go through a cycle of about a month, where they develop and reach the surface of the skin, and, once they die, they shed in the form of flakes. However, in psoriasis, the process occurs in 3-4 days causing the thickening of the skin, which results in an excessive scaly appearance.


The disease predominantly affects the skin resulting in red, itchy, scaly skin patches. In some cases, other body parts may also get attacked with the condition. They include nails, scalp, joints, & private areas. Scaly itchy build-up & debilitating tightness of the skin make psoriasis one of the most painful conditions, particularly in the winters.


It is a chronic skin condition, meaning you have to deal with it for a long. That is the reason many people struggle to keep up with the disease and develop confidence issues. While there is no permanent cure available for the chronic skin condition, plenty of psoriasis treatments & medicines are employed to control the ailment, such as topical treatments, phototherapy, and oral medications.


Topical treatments may range from simple moisturizers to counter the dryness of the skin and relieve itching to salicylic acid-based creams and topical steroid ointments of varying strengths. But, these applications and creams temporarily subside the irritation, itchiness, & external lesions, and one cannot rely on them for a permanent cure. Moreover, when you stop using them, the psoriatic lesions intensify and do more harm than good.


Other forms of treatment like phototherapy make use of artificial ultraviolet A or B rays, which can develop redness, itching, and make your skin drier. In cases of severe psoriasis, steroids are prescribed in the form of oral medications to give instant relief, but it increases drug dependency with prolonged use and makes you more susceptible to complications, such as liver damage, kidney failure, or other health problems. During pregnancy, most oral medications are inadvisable, leaving no option but to suffer.


One must remember that psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that has its root deep in your immune system, thereby making it more than just a mere skin disease. You may suppress the cause superficially via temporary treatment methods, but you need something more, which can stop psoriasis from spreading further and keep it at bay safely. Homeopathy here has a great scope in treating psoriasis. It provides the most specific or individualized treatment for this troublesome condition as it targets the root cause and not just the symptoms.


Psoriasis Treatment in Homeopathy

For psoriasis, in homeopathy, a well-planned and systematic treatment is followed to promote the body’s natural healing capacity and restore the disturbed immune system.


A homeopathy doctor prescribes homeopathic medicine for psoriasis by considering not only the patient’s symptoms but also his or her medical history, personality, hereditary, & other factors. One may also need to get some physical examination done, or, in some cases, a biopsy, where a sample of the skin is taken for the test to confirm that it’s psoriasis. After that, several homeopathic medicines are prescribed in a small dose. Once you follow homeopathy treatment, your body’s innate healing power improves and you experience long-lasting or permanent relief.


It is highly advisable to adopt a healthier lifestyle, besides having the medications for the effective management of psoriasis. Try to stay away from alcohol & stress as these may trigger the symptoms. Moisturize your skin with coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or olive oil. Keep yourself hydrated to prevent the dryness of the skin.


Are you ready to make one of the best decisions for your better skin health when suffering from psoriasis? Opt for Homeopathy for Psoriasis & say goodbye to scaly skin.




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