Will Homoeopathy prove beneficial for my child’s Developmental Disorder?

developmental-dysfunction6 years old Vihan was very poor in academics. Either he would not be able to write down alphabets in order or would confuse between similar alphabets. All these things were ignored by his parents until when Vihan’s teacher pointed it out to his parents that it could be something more than just being less focused in studies as Vihan wouldn’t mix around with the other kid’s in the class. With teacher’s advice, Vihan was then taken to a psychiatrist who suggested an IQ test for him. IQ test established that 6 years old Vihan has had a developmental Dysfunction.

Vihan’s parents were horrified when the psychiatrist diagnosed him to have a developmental disorder. There was a natural panic reaction in a family who supposedly never has had any child who has had a developmental disorder. There were numerous questions in their mind, will my child be able to cope up with heavy academics, will he be able to live a normal life, is he mentally retarded…and so on. Similar panicky reaction is seen in all the parents when they come to know that their child is having a developmental disorder………SO IF YOUR CHILD IS DIAGNOSED TO HAVE DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER NO NEED TO PANIC. MEDICAL SCIENCE TODAY OFFERS LOT OF EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS INCLUDING HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT AND OTHER THERAPIES, WHICH CAN HELP YOUR CHILD TO LEARN BETTER IN SPITE OF HAVING A DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER.SO LET’s HAVE A QUICK GLANCE AT WHAT DOES IT EXACTLY MEAN BY DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER/DYSFUNCTION

  1. Developmental Disorder is actually a spectrum of various disorders like Intellectual Disabilities, Communication Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Specific learning Disorder, Motor Disorder etc.
  2. Developmental Dysfunction in children begins during early developmental years & gets diagnosed in early school going age or even during the preschool period. However sometimes these may go unnoticed by parents, symptoms being very mild in the beginning and become evident only later on when symptom assume considerable gravity. Some of the common signs and symptoms pertaining to neuro-developmental disorders are:
  • Restlessness: Fidgetiness or constant movement of feet or hands. Inability to sit at one place.
  • Inattentiveness: Inattentiveness to details of the task at hand. Inattentiveness towards instructions being given, tend to make silly mistakes.
  • Impulsive behavior: Like spontaneous inappropriate comments or blurting out answers before listening to the question completely
  • Stubbornness & fits of anger and temper tantrums
  • Difficulty in verbal communication e.g. inability to express their own thoughts or feelings. Difficulty remembering the right word during communication.
  • Difficulty in nonverbal communication like understanding certain gestures pertaining to particular situation

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  • Difficulty in having sustained focused for any activity
  • Jumping from one activity to other leaving all activities incomplete and undone.
  • Impaired language skills: Like difficulty in remembering specific spellings or inability to have good command over spoken language.
  • Impaired social interaction: Inability to relate emotionally and socially with others e.g child may not play with other kids and just stand aloof
  • Unresponsiveness when called upon by name
  • Inability to give eye contact.

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  • Aggressive Behavior pattern: Like hitting other kids
  • Repetitive Behavior Patterns like: the child may be preoccupied with performing same movement like spinning around oneself again and again and just keep doing that or arranging toys in particular sequence again and again. It also involves compulsive need to follow a particular routine in daily life and rigidity towards accepting any change in the same.
  • Excessive talkativeness
  • Overt attachment with a particular object like a specific toy or specific pillow which kid will carry everywhere with him.
  • Hypersensitivity to external stimuli like noise
  • Also; there can be additional symptoms found in child, specific to his diagnosis
  1. Co- existence of two or more neuro-developmental disorders is also possible.
  2. Besides above mentioned symptoms and signs, there can also be accompanying delayed milestones like delayed speech or delayed dentition or delayed walking.

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Role of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathic treatment is especially effective for

  1. Improving Cognitive functions of the brain: Children with learning disabilities often face difficulty in comprehending and learning specific subjects like mathematics or learning specific spelling. Homoeopathic treatment can improve cognitive functions in such children thereby improving their capacity for better comprehension and a better understanding of the subject which is difficult for them.
  2. Reducing Restlessness in children with ADHD.
  3. Improving social interactions.
  4. Improving behavior patterns like temper tantrums or stubbornness.
  5. Homeopathy can also be helpful to improve loss of eye contact in autism disorder

Various homeopathic remedies have a vast role to play in developmental disorders in children. Calc carb, Baryta Carb, Tuberculinum, Medorrhinum, phosphorus, Calcarea Phos., Natrum salt remedies are few of them on the list (Reference: Article from Indian Journal of research in homoeopathy – ”Use of homeopathic remedies in management of learning disabilities”)

While homeopathy has a speculative role to play in cases of developmental dysfunction, the importance of Speech therapy, occupational therapy cannot be underestimated. Not to mention Speech therapy, occupational therapy is definitely re-commanded along with homeopathy.

So parents of children with a developmental disorder can definitely count on Homeopathy as a choice of treatment for their child.

–  Dr. Mugdha Patil, Life Force Homeopathy

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