Are you snacking on salt? Well, it’s time to change and embrace a healthy lifestyle. From instant meals to packaged foods, we all are addicted to yummy snacks for our tummy to meet our dietary needs and salt cravings. But, do not forget, that these so-called instant meals and yummy snacks can be dangerous for health. They just satisfy your salt cravings. Awareness plays a crucial role in choosing healthy snacks and managing salt cravings.


Unknowingly, we grab a pack of noodles or wafers, thinking it’s alright to satisfy your salt cravings. But, hold on before you jump on your couch in front of the TV with your favorite chips. Here are some insights into substitutes for salty snacks which can stop salt cravings.


Beat Salt Cravings With These Top 6 Healthy Snacks

  1. Salad with a healthy hummus dip
  2. A fruit
  3. Simple water or maybe with a dash of lemon
  4. Coconut water
  5. Healthy munchies – Nuts and seeds
  6. Lentil soup


While you proceed reading this blog, you will be surprised to know that one natural element that can STOP SALT CRAVINGS and you will thank  LIFE FORCE HOMEOPATHY for this professional dietary advice to put an end to SALT CRAVINGS.


Stay tuned for more valuable healthcare recommendations that you can’t miss on Askdrshah.  Here are some delicious yummy snacks which you cannot miss as they nourish you while helping you beat salt cravings.


  1. Salad with a Healthy Hummus Dip

Sound boring? But, you can make it interesting for sure. With the chickpea hummus dip, all your vegetables can be healthy. Yes, from carrots to beetroots, take a generous amount of protein-filled hummus dip which can fill your tummy, and say goodbye to your sugar and SALT cravings.


  1. A fruit

This is the best therapy to look up to if you wish to enjoy a healthy life. Fruits are the best choices when you want to stop salt and sugar cravings. Fruits are the best foods for the mind and body. They help establish a balanced condition and support in maintaining the perfect homeostasis. A juicy fruit can be a perfect choice, particularly in the summers.


Thinking how can I enjoy fruits? Grab a bowl of mixed fruits with creamy yogurt for your 5 pm snacks. Yogurt should be natural and fresh.


Do you know why we suggested yogurt with your mixed fruits? For that perfect punch of protein!!! Don’t forget the dip with mixed salad which is also a great source of protein. Proteins are not just good for your salt cravings but also for managing sugar cravings.


  1. Simply Water! Don’t forget the dash of lemon

Drinking water is a great resort to stop salt cravings. Water helps in balancing the salt cravings. This is truly a great and simplest yet readily available form of liquid.


Add that dash of lemon for an extra zest to life. This will boost your metabolism and clear toxins. By this we mean, it will clear the excess salts through urine and there will be no extra retention. This helps in maintaining that perfect balance of salts in your body.


  1. Coconut water

Don’t like plain water? Switch to coconut water. This nature-gifted coconut water works best on the body, supplies nutrients, and provides a natural solution to salt cravings. Sip the coconut water regularly in the summers, cut down your sodium intake, and nourish your body with essential nutrients.


It is important to note that you need to take that extra effort to buy a coconut from coconut vendors because packaged coconut water may contain extra salts and preservatives.


  1. Healthy Munchies – Nuts and Seeds

Roasted, salty, baked nuts and seeds come to our mind when we think about munchies. It is important to note that simple and plain nuts and seeds are great options to add to your breakfast or devour as healthy snacks. Preferably Organic!!! Choose from almonds, nuts, walnuts, and different seeds, such as pumpkin seeds and fennel seeds.


Don’t forget some berries too, such as blueberries and cranberries, which are a perfect source of antioxidants for your body. These munchies have protein which helps curb sugar cravings and make you feel full.


  1. Lentil soup 

Lentils are the best substitute to stop any kind of salt cravings. Don’t forget, one thing in common again when it comes to nourishing your body while beating salt cravings – PROTEIN. Lentils are a good source of proteins. Having lentil soups can help you control your salt cravings.


By now you must have guessed the name of the natural element in all the above foods to stop salt cravings. It is PROTEIN!!! Yes, look out for more protein in your diet to help stop your salt cravings. So, get started and beat salt cravings today!




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