MigraineMigraine is characterized by one-sided headache, usually throbbing in nature. The pain is severe, becomes intolerable in excessive sound or light and is usually triggered by lack of sleep, inadequate food intake, stress or exposure to sun. It may be associated with nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances such as black spots in front of eyes or blurred vision. Instant relief is something that every patient desires. Homeopathy effectively lessens pain of migraine during acute attacks. Long-term treatment with homeopathy not only helps relieve the acute episodes but also provides complete recovery in the long-run.

Homeopathy is practiced on the principle of individualization. A homeopath considers various factors such as mode of onset, the side of head affected, triggering or increasing factors, factors that decrease the symptoms, any peculiar features before, during and after episode, etc. Even the dose and potency of the medicine is decided accordingly. Hence, it is advised that patients take the medicines under the guidance of a good homeopath and avoid self-drugging of homeopathic medicines. Following medications have been presented purely for informational purposes:

1. Belladonna:  

Belladonna is one of the favourite pain remedies in homeopathy. The onset of symptoms is ‘sudden’, that is pain and other symptoms develop suddenly reaching to its maximum intensity in no time. Patient experiences sharp, violent and shooting pains in the head. Patient describes these pains as maddening that causes intense irritability. The pains are usually worse after exposure to noise, light, jerk, sudden movements and touching. The face of the patient becomes hot and flushed. Pains are better by pressure. Patient cannot tolerate cold air as it increases the pain.

2. Sanguinaria:

Sanguinaria is commonly indicated in right-sided migraines. Headaches begin across the occiput and settle over the right eye. Patient commonly finds that pain begins in the morning and subsides in the evening. Pain becomes so severe that it compels the patient to vomit which eventually relieves the pain. Patient feels better after lying down and sleeping. Sanguinaria is a common prescription for gastric headaches.

3. Gelsemium:

Gelsemium headaches mostly have eyestrain as a major triggering factor. The pain begins from the back of the head and travels upwards to settle over the forehead or the eye. There may be dimness of vision or other visual disturbances found before the headache. Pains are predominantly on the right side. The eye feels sore which increases on motion. Gelsemium becomes the first prescription when the headaches associated with the eye troubles are relieved by profuse urination. Patient commonly reports that he feels as if a band or hood is tightly bound around the head giving a dragging sensation at the back of the head. The heaviness and soreness is so profound that the patient is unable to hold the head up. Sleep relieves the headache.

4. Glonoine:

Glonoine headaches are triggered by exposure to sunlight or after working under gas or electric light. The head feels heavy and full. Heat is intolerable to the patient. The headache is throbbing in nature. Patients requiring Glonoine feel better by uncovering the head. There is a peculiar sensation as if the brain is enlarged and the skull is too small to accommodate it. The headache increases with every step and at every jerk. The headaches are worse after lying down and they increase with every pulse.

5.  Spigelia:

Spigelia is indicated in the headaches of the left side. Pains follow the course of the sun. They begin in the morning, get severe in the afternoon and decrease around the sunset. Headache is dull in nature with profound heaviness. Noises, jarring, stooping and change of weather increase the pain. Patient finds relief while lying on the right side with his/her head high.

These homoeopathic medicines for migraine definitely help control the severe headaches that characterize migraine. With regular treatment, the frequency of the headaches can be reduced and a gentle long lasting relief can be experienced. Leave us your contact details below. We will get in touch with you to discuss how Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homoeopathic medicines for migraine can help you.

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