Wet Nights…They are not less than a night mare for you and your kid. Bed wetting also known as nocturnal enuresis is one of the most embarrassing conditions for a child. Your child often gets disturbed mentally especially when he gets regularly compared with the other kids. There are certain things, which as parents will help you understand your child’s problem better:

child-wetBed wetting is an ailment, which a child often does not have any control on. It is a communication problem between the bladder and the brain. It is a condition where the brain is not able to understand the messages sent by the bladder. There are some other contributory factors also which should be kept in mind like diabetes, constipation, sleep disorders, overactive bladder, etc. Hence, it is vital for parents to remember to avoid punishing the child.

Causes of Bed Wetting:

  • Genetic predisposition – the chances of bed wetting increases if a parent had the same problem in his or her childhood.
  • Gender – it is commonly seen that boys are more commonly affected
  • Sleep Disorders – it is believed by some that difficult arousal from the sleep or deep sleep is a common cause of the problem, where a child fails to realize to need to pass urine.
  • Secondary Bed Wetting – Kids who had achieved significant control and start bedwetting after a dry period may be suffering from medical problems like and infection of the bladder.

How to Deal with Kids having Bed Wetting:

  • Talk to your child and try to uncover some fears, if something is bothering them or if something is embarrassing.
  • Encourage them to find out the cause and involve them in taking responsibility for the problem.
  • Rewarding night for the child – keep rewarding nights for the child, where he/she can achieve the target easily and is rewarded at the same time.
  • Improving the diet – Habitual constipation in childhood is very common now days. This in turn disturbs the normal functioning of the bladder as well. Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in the diet of the kid in a form that is acceptable to the child.
  • Stop the use of disposable diapers for the kids older than 4-5 years in the night. The earlier you stop, the more are the chances of your child becoming self reliant.
  • Use of bed wetting alarms should be encouraged when your child is ready for it.
  • A teenager with a bed wetting problem can have behavioral disorders due to the embarrassment it causes.

Words of Encouragement for Your Child:

Explain to your child that

  1. Bed wetting is not their fault and is a common problem with lots of other kids of the same age.
  2. Maintain a low key attitude after an episode of bed wetting in the night.
  3. Motivate your child like applauding for a kid whenever they do wake up to pass urine in night.

Hence, first let your doctor rule out the possibility of a medical problem as being the cause for your child’s bedwetting. Next have a talk with your child and find ways in which you can work out the problem along with your child. Together, you can slowly and steadily get over your child’s bed wetting for good. A lot of homoeopathic remedies are beneficial in cases of bed wetting. Get in touch with us to know how homoeopathic remedies for bed wetting can help your child.


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