A quote ‘Sleep is a luxury one can’t afford’ is apt, particularly for those who find difficulty in sleeping. It may be a challenge for some to have a continuous sound sleep at midnight hours. It becomes problematic when you have a disturbed sleep pattern. The brain finds it difficult to go to sleep, thereby disturbing the normal pattern of sleep. Once your sleeping pattern is disrupted, you get all overcrowded thoughts that make it difficult for you to sleep. So, the questions arise: How do you cope with the sleepless nights? What can make you enjoy a sound sleep?


The day and night cycles are governed by the hormones in the body. There is a hormone called melatonin which enables you to enjoy a sound sleep during the night as soon as there is darkness.

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Here are the top 5 ways to help you enjoy natural sleep and fight insomnia:

  1. Develop sleep routine: It might be tempting for you to sleep during the daytime but don’t disrupt the biological clock of the body that puts you to sleep. Don’t fight against it. Let it ease a little and start maintaining it by enjoying continuous sound sleep at night.
  1. Make time for exercise: Make sure that you exercise well. Regular exercises help in balancing the hormones and secretion of melatonin which makes you tired and puts you off to sleep. Being physically active helps you sleep well. Research reveals that people who exercise well are better than couch potatoes, who do not sleep well. Not convinced? Know the fact that exercising 60 mins every day for 5 days a week can help you sleep better in the long run and can help you enjoy good sleep and better blood pressure. Good and continuous sleep can help you get rid of many problems in the long run. The National Sleep Foundation states that exercise ability promotes a feeling of relaxation and reduces the feeling of stress, anxiety, and depression. Staying active will also help in maintaining the body’s natural mechanism to sleep and function well. Think about the days when you run and cannot keep with the high pace of running, which is difficult, and then the tiredness that puts you off to sleep.
  1. Utilize sunlight to produce melatonin production: The sun might force you to get up in the morning, but it’s also essential to help you enjoy a relaxing sleep. That’s because your body relies on a natural night to figure out what time it is and determine whether to pump out energizing hormones or to sleep well at night by secreting one hormone that relaxes you and helps you fall to sleep.
  1. Daylight helps your body’s natural clock: The 24-hours clock of the day lets you know when to feel awake and when to sleep. When your hypothalamus, the gland responsible for secreting hormones and regulating the sleep-wake cycle, senses the light, it tells your body to ramp up the secretion of energizing hormone. During the day you feel energized and alert, and you don’t secrete much melatonin. At night, you tend to secrete more melatonin as you are relaxed. One way to keep everything scheduled is by flooding your body with light as soon as you get out of the bed which sends a clear message to your body to produce energizing hormones.
  1. Take steps to manage stress: It is important to manage stress which can cause insomnia. The hormone cortisol is essential for controlling stress in the body which creates the fight-or-flight response which helps your body to deal with the natural stress. Nearly 40% of the population feels tired because of stress. Managing your stress can help you enjoy a restful sleep, which is the need of an hour.

Reach Out to Homeopathy to End Sleepless Nights

Homeopathy helps in boosting the metabolism of the body and helps your biological clock in regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Remember that the metabolism of the body is at its peak during the day and helps your body function well. Approach a well-qualified and professional homeopath, who can diagnose your problem from its root cause and helps you in recovering from insomnia.

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