Say Good-Bye To The Sun Allergy With Helpful Tips And Homeopathy

Sumita (name changed) was an NGO worker and into a field job. For a few weeks, she was getting a red rash with great burning on the face, chest, and hands whenever she went out. Initially, she thought that the rash is because of being in the sun for a long time. Next time, she planned her day in such a way that she need not move out in the hot sun for a long time. However, she continued to get the rash. It affected her working. A doctor diagnosed her problem as a sun allergy and suggested her complete protection from the sun. She was advised to use sunscreen every 3-4 hours along with wearing full clothes to avoid exposure to the sun. She used to cover the face with a scarf and wear gloves to protect the hands from sun exposure. In this gear, it looked as if Sumita was going for a war. Wearing all these sun-protective wears was a great task for her, though it temporarily protected her from the sun and rash. But, wearing all these on hot summer days was becoming unbearable for her. While she was at a medical store, a lady understood her plight and suggested to take homeopathy for this. She visited Life Force Homeopathy and was able to get over the sun allergy.

In this article let us explore what sun allergy is and how to get over it?

Sun allergy is an itchy red rash that develops on the exposed part of the skin after exposure to the sun. It is different from sunburn. In sunburn, the person has to be exposed to the sun for quite some time to develop the symptoms of sunburn. In the sun allergy, exposure to the sun for a short duration of time can lead to a red rash.

Sun allergy happens because of the immune system’s reaction to the changes in the skin resulting due to sun exposure. It triggers an allergic reaction to the sun-exposed skin and causes redness, itching, rash, or blister-like eruptions. This allergic response could happen immediately, and, in some people, it can develop several hours after sun exposure.

Different Forms of Sun Allergy:
Sun allergy can express itself in different forms as follows.

1.Polymorphic Light Eruptions also called PMLE: This results due to sensitivity to the UV rays. It usually happens a few times at the beginning of the summer. As the person gets sensitized, the severity of the rash reduces and can disappear only to reappear the next year in the same season. The allergy could be in the form of a red rash or tiny bumps or fluid-filled eruptions with itching. The rash is commonly observed on the face, chest, and outer side of the hands and feet.

2.Actinic prurigo: This is hereditary PMLE and affects mostly the face and the lips.

3.Solar urticaria: The person experiences hives-like eruptions on the sun-exposed areas after exposure to the sun.

4.Photoallergic eruption: Some herbs, chemicals, and medications make a person sensitive to the light. These include Limes, Ginko, St. John’s wort, deodorants, cosmetics, Doxycycline, Sulpha-based drugs, and certain NSAIDs. A person may become sensitive to the light after consuming these food items or applying the cosmetics on the skin.

Who Gets the Sun Allergy?

1.Sun allergy is usually observed in fair-skinned people.
2.People who have allergic tendencies and have preexisting allergies like dermatitis.
3.Females are more likely to get the sun allergy than males
4.Individuals having a family history of sun allergy make them more prone to get a sun allergy.
5.As mentioned earlier, having certain medications and herbs makes you more sensitive to the sunlight and develop sun allergy.

What Are the Symptoms of Sun Allergy?
Here are some common symptoms of sun allergy.

1.Redness: Redness in the sun-exposed skin areas, particularly the face, the front of the chest, and the outer side of the hands, feet, and, sometimes, the nape of the neck.
2.Burning in the affected parts.
4.The rash which could be plain red, bumpy, or having watery blisters

How to Prevent Sun Allergy?
Here are some tips to prevent sun allergy.
1.People having a sun allergy could also be sensitive to the LED lights. Hence, putting on sunscreen of SPF 30 and above is recommended. Also, it is advised to wear sunscreen in the daytime even when indoors.
2.Avoid sun exposure. Avoid going out between 10 am to 4 pm when the sun is bright.
3.Wear long-sleeved tops and covers the face. Also, protect the hands and feet with gloves and socks. Wear wide-brimmed hats or carry an umbrella.
4.If you have developed a sun allergy after starting certain medications, speak to your doctor about the same.
5.Get your underlying allergies treated.

How to Take Care of the Rash Resulting Due to Sun Allergy
If you have already developed the rash due to sun allergy you may:
1.Apply the cool compress on the affected parts.
2.Apply Aloe Vera gel. It has a soothing effect on the skin and helps in healing.
3.Use an oatmeal bath. Oatmeal is also known to have a soothing effect on the skin.
4.Avoid using body sprays or cosmetics on your face when you have a rash.

Treatment for Sun Allergy and How Homeopathy Can Help
Conventional medicines have limitations in treating the sun allergy, and, as mentioned earlier, it is not possible to wear protection all the time, particularly if your job involves moving out in the hot sun. Here Homeopathy comes to the rescue. Homeopathic medicines are known to be effective in treating allergies. They act by correcting the hypersensitive immune system so that it does not respond exaggeratedly to those things which otherwise do not affect the rest of the normal people. These homeopathic medicines are selected after an in-depth study of the patients by considering presenting the symptoms, the character of rash, factors aggravating the rash, and the physical, mental, emotional, and hereditary makeup of the patient. The potency and repetition of these medicines also vary from patient to patient and is individualized as per the patient’s requirement. Since these medicines address the root cause and the altered sensitivity, the results are long-lasting. Moreover, homeopathic medicines are safe and without side-effects.

In case you are suffering from sun allergies, you can opt for homeopathic treatment at Life Force Homeopathy for complete and long-lasting relief. In case you have queries about your condition, you may mail us at or call us at 91 22 66888888. We shall be glad to address your queries.

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