Are you troubled with rough patchy skin? Can no moisturizer or oil help you obtain relief? If yes, you might be suffering from psoriasis, an autoimmune response. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that causes rough, patchy, dry skin due to rapid buildup and generation of the skin cells. Scales might develop on the skin as whitish or red patches, and, in some cases, the patches crack and cause bleeding.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be quite troublesome and unpleasant to the affected individuals. It might be hurtful for the patient, and he/she may develop confidence issues. The reason for the development of psoriasis patches is that the growth of skin cells that occur deeper and then rise to the surface. It causes rapid growth of skin cells such that the process of skin formation that takes a month to complete normally occurs in just a few days, thereby resulting in unpleasant scaly skin patches

Symptoms of Psoriasis

The most visible body parts where you might have patches and scars would be knees, elbows, & joints. If not treated, it might affect the face, scalp, neck, hands, & feet as well. In some cases, the genital area, nails, & even the mouth may get affected.

Rough patches, slightly pink spots, white blisters, and inflammation of skin making it turn red might be the common appearances. Sunburn-like patches of the skin might be a severe case of psoriasis.

Symptoms also include soreness & painful joints that would trouble the patient, particularly if it affects the patient at a younger age. One thing to notice in psoriasis is that this is a cyclical process, as the symptoms are visible for some period and then go away, while something might trigger them again, and the cycle goes on.

Homeopathic Treatment For Psoriasis
Fortunately, we have homeopathy to treat psoriasis effectively and obtain long-lasting relief in the skin condition. It helps solve the woes of the psoriatic patient by addressing the condition at the root level. Homeopathy has effective remedies for autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis, where the White Blood Cells or the ‘T-cells’ attack their very own skin cells. An individual may develop this skin condition due to genetic reasons.

It is advisable to get yourself checked by a homeopathic doctor, who will ask about your medical history, get the basic physical examination done, or if required, a biopsy, where a sample of the skin is taken for the test to confirm that it’s the case of Psoriasis.

The traditional conventional treatments include Topical treatments, Phototherapy, and Medications. Topical treatments focus on healing through the use of creams, mostly based on salicylic acid. Phototherapy includes exposure to artificial ultraviolet light; while medication might be oral or in the form of injections which may cause side-effects as dependency on the drugs and heavy dosage of medicines affect the functioning of vital organs, such as liver and kidneys.

It is safer to switch to homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis as it addresses and corrects the root cause, traces the genetic causes, and provides individualized treatment. Homeopathy caters to the holistic health of a patient covering emotional, psychological aspects along with the physical ailment. It is said that the immune system becomes overactive leading to psoriasis. However, when you follow homeopathy treatment, it helps restore the balance of the immune system naturally, thereby negating the disease at the root. Consulting an expert, experienced homeopath for your psoriasis can help you receive the best appropriate treatment tailored to your skin condition.

Self Care in Psoriasis
As mentioned earlier, symptoms of psoriasis turn worse get due to triggers, some of them are alcohol and stress. So, it is better to avoid triggering factors. Here are some self-care tips that can help you manage psoriasis naturally and effectively.

1.Adopt a healthier lifestyle as a diet along with medications is a major factor in obtaining relief in the skin condition.
2.The patient must have access to ample sunlight so, if your skin is not sensitive to sunlight, you can go out in the early morning sunlight.
3.Go for Vitamin D supplements
4.Eliminate carbohydrates, sugar, and red meat from your diet.
5.Quit smoking to avoid triggering the discomforting symptoms.
6.Also, olive oil massage or bath in milk or Epsom salt in lukewarm water can provide relief.

So, if you happen to suffer from psoriasis anytime, choose homeopathic treatment for psoriasis from an experienced homeopath, follow self-care tips to avoid triggers, and obtain long-lasting relief.

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