pilesHomeopathy treats the person as a whole which means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient and his pathology. The medicines are selected based on patient’s complete individual case analysis, which includes medical history, mental history and physical examination. The predisposition and the susceptibility of the patient is also considered.

The medicines given below indicate the therapeutic affinity but they are not complete and definite guide to the treatment of this condition. None of these medicines should be taken without professional advice.

Aesculus Hippocastanum- The action of this drug is most marked on the lower bowel, with dryness in the rectum. Feeling of weakness at the lower back radiating to legs, which may be worse on bending forward and on walking. Straining at stools for a long time with pain in the rectum and back. Piles are painful, protruding, purplish color with itching and burning. Stools are hard, dry and pass with great difficulty.

Aloe Socotrina-One of the most indicated remedy for piles where stools are lumpy, watery and pass without efforts. Piles protrude like bunch of grapes. There is a lot of itching and burning in anus. It is sore, often bleeding profusely and is greatly relieved by application of cold water. This remedy is indicated to patients who have tendency to diarrhea more than constipation.

Hammamelis-This remedy is indicated when there is painless bleeding followed by excessive weakness. Soreness of anus with dark color blood associated with weakness, breathlessness and anemia.

Nitric acid-This acid remedy is indicated to patients with piles that are very painful, bleed profusely, hang loosely with sharp pricking pains in the rectum. Patients with constipation experiencing great strain while passing stools and easily bleeding piles with severe burning and stinging pain in the anus after passing stools are suggested of this remedy.

Paenoia-This is a deep acting remedy where there are piles with ulcers and surrounding parts are purple covered with crusts that are very painful. Patients with cracks and ulcers around anus with biting pain and itching in the anus that provokes scratching are suggested of this remedy.

Ratanhia-This remedy is indicated to patients with pain and burning in the anus that stays for hours after passing stools. There is great strain on passing of stools that results in protruding of piles, anal fissures and piles burn like fire and are relieved by cold application.


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