pityriasis-alba‘Safed daag’ (‘white spots’) on my child’s face? I give him the most healthy food every day, then where did I go wrong? What if these spots spread to other parts of his body? His friends are already teasing him at school! How can I hide these spots?

I can’t stop thinking over his illness. I think I should meet the doctor to confirm the diagnosis before sharing it with my husband.

momDoctor, My child has got these white spots on his cheeks since 2 months, I am worried. Are there spots vitiligo spots? 


docBefore a confirmed diagnosis, let me give you an insight of various conditions that present as white spots.

Because Not All White Spots Are Vitiligo Spots.

There are various conditions like pityriasis alba, leprosy, vitiligo, pityriasis versicolor.

Pityriasis alba is a benign (non-cancerous) condition which causes loss of skin color. Common in childhood and young adulthood, it causes concern due to its involvement of the face. The cause is unknown.

Clinically, the spots of pityriasis alba are off-white in color, round with poorly defined, fuzzy margins that bear scanty fine scales on it.

Its appearance can become worse in summer season, after the surrounding skin tans due to exposure of sun.

The condition may last for 6-12 months but can settle once the child attains adulthood.

Usually it settles down on its own. This condition responds to avoidance of all irritating agents (like soaps, heat, deficiency of vitamins and calcium, etc.) and application of a soothing and moisturizing cream.

Leprosy  is a bacterial disorder that takes long to present itself. Patches in these types are only few in number, sharply bordered, may be dry, scaly and are insensitive to pain.

In contrast to vitiligo, leprosy patches never turn milky white. Sweat function is reduced in leprosy patches as compared to other parts of the body.

Vitiligo  is an autoimmune disorder of the skin characterized by loss of skin color. This is due to loss of the pigment melanin which is normally produced by cells called melanocytes in the skin. In vitiligo, body’s defence system attacks our own skin pigment cells.

Pityriasis versicolor is a fungal infection where hundreds of separate or combined white patches are covered with powdery scales. Upper chest region, neck and axillas are common sites. Sensations and sweat functions are preserved. 

Diagnosis can usually be done on clinical grounds alone. In certain difficult cases, a skin biopsy may be required to rule out some of the above.


momAnd doctor, how about the treatment for these? Is Homoeopathy a good option?




Yes, these are conditions wherein homoeopathy has definitely got wonderful results.Especially in resistant and recurrent cases, homeopathic medicines help long term recovery.

Pityriasis alba may not even require any medicine, as it is self-limiting. However, it may take long time to resolve spontaneously, and homoeopathic medicines may be considered based on the individual symptoms. Homeopathy is recommended if the disease does not self-recover in about three months.

momThank you Doctor. I will definitely go for Homoeopathy for my child’s white spots. 



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