gerd_treatmentGERD or Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease is a condition in which there is a back flow of the stomach’s contents up in to the food pipe. A mechanism at the end of the food pipe normally prevents the stomach’s acidic juices and food from coming back. When this mechanism becomes weak, the person suffers from symptoms like heartburn, pressure or pain especially after lying down or bending.

Homoeopathy has very good medicines for GERD. Unlike modern medicine where the same antacid can be prescribed for all patients, homoeopathy believes in treating the individual and not just his disease. This is done by studying the entire individual and picking out what is characteristic in his disease that separates him from others. Hence there are a number of GERD homoeopathic remedies, most common of which are:

Nux Vomica:

This is one of the commonest GERD homoeopathic remedies. Nux Vomica is typically chosen for individuals whose complaints are aggravated by a stressful lifestyle – hectic work hours, staying up late at night, worries, mental strains, rich food, excess stimulants like coffee, alcohol, etc. There is a sour taste in the mouth and nausea especially in the mornings. This remedy is indicated when there is bloating of the upper abdomen and a feeling of pressure several hours after eating.


Phosphorus is a remedy which shows great results in its potentised form when prescribed for its characteristic symptoms. This remedy is indicated when ingested food is thrown up by the mouthfuls immediately after it is swallowed. There is burning pain in the abdomen, which is sensitive to touch. This pain is better after consuming cold food. However, it seems to the patient as if the water is vomited as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach. Patients requiring Phosphorus tend to feel hungry soon after a meal and need to eat often.

Arsenicum Album:

Arsenic Alb is another good homoeopathic remedy for GERD. There is a regurgitation of bitter substances and acid which seem to cause excoriation in the throat. The slightest food or drink causes burning pain especially vinegar, ice-creams and cold water. The patient requiring this remedy feels as if everything he has swallowed is lodged in his food pipe. There is an increased thirst for water, which is preferably swallowed in sips at a time. The patient cannot bear the smell or sight of food.

Carbo Veg:

Carbo Veg is a good GERD homoeopathic remedy when patients experience contractive pain which extends to the chest half an hour after eating. There is excessive sour belching after eating or drinking. This belching gives temporary relief to the patient. This remedy is indicated when there is distension of the abdomen which causes difficulty in breathing.


Cinchona is a good homoeopathic remedy for GERD. This is indicated when there is vomiting of undigested food. There is regurgitation of food and belching of bitter fluid. However, there is no relief after belching as that seen in patients who need carbo veg. The patient needing Cinchona often feels hungry, but has no appetite or desire for food. The complaints get worse after consuming fruits or milk.

These are just the top 5 most commonly indicated GERD homoeopathic remedies. It goes without saying that no homoeopathic medicine should be taken without consulting a homoeopathic doctor. While these medicines do not have any side effects, you may require a medicine apart from these commonly indicated ones. Also, a doctor will be able to monitor your health better.

Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homoeopathic medicines for GERD have helped scores of GERD patients. To know how your GERD can be helped with homoeopathy, get in touch with us today.


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