KeloidI saw myself in mirror everyday and thought, why am I getting it?

What is it that is not hurting still persistent ?

Yes it was a scarred over growth tissue on my chest, which grew with time and had no reason I can find. I went to a doctor and he said its a keloid

Keloid is a bumpy patch appearing at the site of injury, which is often an irregular patch. He made me understand that it is not at all life threatening, and which is only of so much importance of there cosmetic reasons only.

I had a doubt why keloids are formed??

Answer was they occur at the site of vaccination, injury, blisters, tattooing, piercing elsewhere instead of normal healing and scarring an abnormal disposition of fibrous tissue takes place. This scar tissues over grow forming a bumpy scar over the affected site.
They are commonly seen over the chest, shoulders, ear lobes and umbilical region.

Sometimes keloids can be painful or itchy too. Many people complain of sensitivity of keloid on exposure to sun

Treatment options

  • Surgery, steroid injections?
  • Surgery to cut the extra growth resulted in re development at the healthy tissue healing with much bigger scar this time.
  • Injections made the skin thin
  • Radiation or pressure therapy would just flatten the affected area not heal it completely.
  • I opted for a new way of treatment – Homeopathy

Though treating keloid is a challenge , but thinking and opting treatment was the only way.
Homeopathy though can not reduce the scarring completely but in mild and recent cases helps to reduce the fibrous patch and also makes skin healthy. A fair symptomatic relief can be acheived. Keloid is a skin tendency to form collagen fibrous tissue scarring, Homeopathy reduces the tendency and helps the skin to heal in a natural way.

Homeopathy is absolutely free of any side effects and apart from it natural aid to recovery. Whcich helps to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

There are some wonderful remedies known to work wonders in cases of keloid like flouric acid, silicea, thuja and many more. Why to wait when we ave a easiest way available in front of us.

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