frontal-fibrosing-alopeciaFrontal fibrosing alopecia is a condition as name suggest – scarring and hair loss seen precisely in the frontal region of the scalp in area above the forehead.

It can be associated with loss of hairs from eye brows. It is considered to be a variant of Lichen plano pilaris as the pathology being same for this ailment. Frontal fibrosing alopecia is mostly found in fifth decade of life commonly in post menopausal females. The exact cause is still not known but immune disturbances are noticed.

It is a condition where hair loss starts from the frontal hair line and slowly progressing to right or left sided region of scalp. It can be associated with itching. Mild hyper – pigmentation and scarring can be observed.

A person may also complaint of lichen planus pigmentosa or lichen planus at other parts of the body.

It is considered to be an immune disorder so correction of the deviated immune response plays a vital role in controlling the disease.

Homeopathy works exceptionally well, as scarring takes place and regrowth of hairs is negligible, hence forth an aggressive treatment is needed to reduce hair fall and scarring. A good control rate can be achieved.

Conventional treatment offers immuno – suppressive treatment that suppresses immunity or modulates it. This is a slow but progressing condition which needs primary attention and beneficial treatment which has no side effects. Treatment should be continued till the time new hair loss halts and becomes negligible.

Treatment depends and vary from individual to individual depending upon the duration of affection and extent of fibrosis.

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