Hemorrhoids-(Piles)Piles also known as hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the anus or anal canal. They can be painful and distressing at times. It may become quite frustrating for one to use medications every time locally or internally. There are two types of piles, internal and external. Internal piles are quite easy to manage and can be resolved completely. External piles are something which can keep lingering for years together if not taken care on time. They may cause bleeding, pain, burning, itching which makes one’s life distressful.

Apart from the regular medications for piles, one can opt for many home natural remedies which can accelerate healing and support the treatment for piles. If your much alert about your body, home remedies are something which will be enough to tackle your piles problem. Timely diagnosis and treatment is the key to safely get rid of these chronic illness. I have short listed one of the best, easily available home remedies to cure piles sitting at home without any extra cost.

  1. Cold fomentation- This is the widest and most commonly given advice by doctors to support the piles treatment. Cold compress is something which helps in shrinking the pile growth by constricting the blood vessels and further settles the inflammation and swelling. It helps one get rid of the symptoms like pain, itching as well. Once the swelling settles down the stools can be passed without any pain or strain. One can wrap ice in a clean cloth and directly apply on the hemorrhoid site. Doing this three to four times daily will help you recover from piles in a natural way.
  2. Apple cider vinegar- Take a sterile cotton ball and soak in pure apple cider vinegar and apply it local to the affected area. You may get some stinging or mild burning sensation for sometime but it will readily decrease the pain, itching and swelling. It is also a good remedy for internal haemorrhoids by consuming a teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water daily. This will help control bleeding and pain gradually. This a good home remedy which has multipurpose uses one of which is its antibacterial or disinfectant properties.
  3. Sitz bath- You may hear this term used by many doctors for when they suggest treatment for piles. Sitz bath is nothing but to sit and soak yourself in a sterile liquid. Simple soak yourself in a tub of warm water mixed with a spoonful of dettol or savlon. Later dab the affected area with a tissue or a wet cloth so that not to completely dry the skin. Doing this daily for fifteen to twenty minutes helps relax the blood vessels thereby giving a instant relief from pain and itching. All you have to do is contribute some more time during you bathe.
  4. Aloe vera- In my opinion this is by far the best home remedy to treat piles. Aloe vera has multiple healing properties. It helps soothe the inflammed area thereby giving relief from pain and discomfort. Using aloe vera internally or externally are beneficial. Drinking aloe vera juice daily is a very good option as it helps in healing the system from within as well as keep the gut healthy by relieving constipation. Aloe vera is rich in fibre. Constipation can be one disturbing thing which can further aggravate piles. Hence, local application of aloe vera gel helps soothes and cools the sensitive skin around the anus and drinking aloe vera juice will give you a bonus in home treatment.
  5. Olive oil- Coconut oil has its own benefits and healing properties. It is known to be the best natural moisturizer. It reduces inflammation due to its anti inflammatory properties. Further it also curbs itching, pain and discomfort. Its application soothes the affected area and heals effectively. Olive oil can also be used in cooking and can be drizzled as dressings on salads. It improve the gut movement which further helps in smooth functioning of bowel and one can get rid of constipation.

These were the top five home remedies which are easy available, can be used anytime in your comfort zone in an affordable cost. Why not opt of natural remedies like these first instead of running to a doctor immediately. Nature has given us gift to heal all physical problems, all it needs is a sound mind and a keen sight to perceive them.


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