Adenoids-in-ChildrenIs your child often unwell with high grade fever, throat pain and cough?

Have you observed that he has to breath through his mouth due to his stuffy nose? Does she snore very often during sleep and is her sleep a bit disturbed due to her stuffy nose?

Is this due to tonsillitis or enlarged adenoids? Let us understand some facts about enlarged adenoids..

Adenoids are a mass of soft tissue, similar to tonsils. They are located above the tonsils in the passage that connects the back of the nose cavity to the throat. Your tonsils can be seen if you look at the back of your throat, but adenoids are not directly visible. A special mirror and a flexible instrument with light is inserted into the nose cavity to see the adenoids. Like tonsils, adenoids are part of the immune system, which helps to prevent and fight against infection in your body.

When do adenoids get enlarged?

Adenoids are present at birth. They grow until a child is between the ages of 3- 5 years. Normally, they begin to shrink after around age of 7 years. They shrink considerably in adulthood.

They produce antibodies to help your body fight off infections. Even though adenoids help fight out against germs from your body, sometimes they can get overwhelmed by bacteria and become infected. Due to recurrent infections or allergies, adenoids tend to get swollen.

Sometimes, the swelling is to such an extent that they blow into the nasal passage, leading to blocked nostrils. Swollen adenoids would lead to mouth breathing and hence a tendency to keep the mouth open all the time. Swollen adenoids that don’t shrink back down after a cold may lead to chronic symptoms.

Symptoms of enlarged Adenoids that you can observe in your child?

  1. Blocked, stuffy nose
  2. Difficulty in breathing through the nose which leads to mouth breathing
  3. Cracked lips and dry mouth (due to breathing problems)
  4. Snoring
  5. Recurrent sore throat
  6. Difficulty swallowing
  7. swollen glands in the neck
  8. Sleep apnea (irregular breathing during sleep): While sleeping, enlarged adenoids may intermittently block the flow of air through the throat. This can cause a person to stop breathing for a few seconds (known as apnea) and can occur several times each night.
  9. Recurrent ear infections: In children, enlarged adenoids may block the tubes which drain fluid from the ears into the throat. If these tubes are unable to drain, it can lead to repeated ear infections. This can interfere with hearing.
  10. Glue ear: A build-up of sticky mucous interferes with the movements of the tiny bones in the middle ear, affecting hearing.
  11. Sinusitis : air-filled cavities of the skull known as sinuses may get infected.

What are the recommended treatment options ?

Conventional treatment:

  • Antibiotics, Anti fever medicines and pain killers to treat acute infection
  • Adenoidectomy (surgical removal of adenoids) is indicated in:
  1. Recurrent or chronic enlarged adenoids hampering quality of life of a child
  2. Recurrent ear infections, which interfere with hearing
  3. Large adenoids that are interfering with breathing, especially at night.

How homeopathy can help your child?

When the internal immune system is low or weak, one tends to get infections. Adenoids work towards protecting us against the infections. Inflamed adenoids or recurrent adenoiditis is the result of low immunity and not the cause of it.

The homeopathic treatment is essentially targeted towards enhancing the immunity and hence reducing the recurrence of infections. This is achieved very easily using safe and effective homeopathic medicines.

There is an excellent treatment in homeopathic which can significantly help enlarged adenoids.

What to expect from homeopathic treatment?

  • Reduction in frequency attacks of adenoiditis
  • Reduction in severity of episodes
  • Avoidance of surgical removal of adenoids
  • Reduced attack of frequent colds, cough, ear infections, sinusitis
  • Better immunity, better appetite and weight gain if child is underweight
  • Reduced need for antibiotics

Currently, Dr Rajesh Shah’s patients in 180 countries are taking the benefits of homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic treatment is absolutely safe and free from any side effects. Also, it can safely be taken along with the conventional treatment. To know more about how your child can be benefited with homeopathy you can leave your details below and have one of our doctors’ call you back. Alternately you can get in touch with us via telephone (+91-22-66888888) or email (
– Dr. Aparna Hingmire, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, Team LifeForce



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