hemiWhat Is Hemiplegia?

Hemiplegia is a health condition which causes complete weakness of one side of the body either right or left. In the Greek language, ‘hemi’ means half. The prominent cause of Hemiplegia is an injury to parts of the brain that control movements of your limbs, trunk, face, and the other parts of the body. If your left side of the brain suffers injury, then you tend to suffer from right hemiplegia. And, if the right side of your brain suffers from an injury, then it tends to cause left hemiplegia.

What causes hemiplegia?

1.Brain tumors can hamper the functioning of the brain leading to hemiplegia.

2. Infections of the brain, such as meningitis and encephalitis, can lead to hemiplegia.

3. Stroke is insufficient blood supply to the brain leading to loss of brain functions of brain cells. The stroke can occur due to a clot formed within a blood vessel blocking the blood. A thrombus or clot formed in blood vessel breaks away from its site of origin and forms a block elsewhere in the circulation to the brain leading to stroke. A  bleeding from a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain can also lead to stroke.

4. Vasculitis: Inflammation of blood vessels of the brain can be one of the causes for the occurrence of hemiplegia.

Congenital conditions, such as cerebral palsy, injury to the brain during childbirth, and difficult labor, may lead to hemiplegia in infants. Leukodystrophies is a rare disorder affecting the myelin sheath which covers and protects nerve cells in the brain. The condition usually appears in infancy or childhood.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hemiplegia?

1. Weakness in the affected muscles:

  • Difficulty in walking due to weakness of affected limb
  • Loss of balance while walking
  • Difficulty in speech and while swallowing
  • Inability to perform certain simple tasks, such as holding the objects, combing the hair, tying the laces, drawing, writing, dressing oneself, buttoning, and other simple activities.

2Tingling, numbness or loss of sensations on one side of the body

3Hemiplegia affected person loses his control over his bowel and bladder movements making it difficult for him to hold on to urine or stool.

4Poor memory can be observed in some cases.

5Difficulty in writing and understanding words.

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How Is Hemiplegia Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of Hemiplegia is usually done through physical examination by an expert, CT scan, or MRI of brain and electroencephalogram.

How does Homeopathy help In The Treatment Of Hemiplegia?

  1. Even though homeopathic medicines cannot cure hemiplegia, well-selected homeopathic medicines can improve the state of hemiplegia and overall health of the sufferer.
  2. In the non-progressive cases of hemiplegia, homeopathy works effectively by providing supportive treatment and it also prevents further deterioration resulting due to the disease.
  3. Homeopathic medicines can also prevent further degeneration of paralytic muscles, and hence they can improve the power of muscles to some extent.
  4. Homeopathic treatment improves the blood circulation to the brain as well as brain functioning.
  5. In addition to this, homeopathic medicines act at the level of the nervous system and facilitate proper conduction of signal impulses from the nerves to the muscles.
  6. Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, and they are an excellent adjunct to the available physiotherapy measures.

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– Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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