What Is Anxiety Neurosis?

Patients of anxiety neurosis often experience a state of intense apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a threatening event or situation. This feeling is often to a degree that normal physical and psychological functioning is disrupted. This anxiety may be resulting due to several reasons, which are generally easily identified by the patient himself. The anxiety is of a greater degree than just general, daily worries. And, the patients do mention that they are not able to control these worries. The symptoms of anxiety are frequently accompanied by the physical symptoms as well. 

What Are The Available Treatment Options?

Every individual’s mental status, lifestyle, and situation are unique which is why some individuals respond well to one treatment while some people may not find the treatment that effective. There are some highly effective treatment options to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety neurosis and obtain relief. Health professionals can advise treatment options based on the type of anxiety, need, and preference of the affected individual. Combining different options of the treatment might be helpful in managing the anxiety neurosis of an individual effectively.  

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Conventional Medication:

Based on the symptoms of the patient, the doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety medications, antidepressant, or sedatives. They are effective in relieving acute symptoms. They have long-term effects as well. These medications have their own risk factors and side-effects if they are used for a long duration. A person may develop a dependency on these medications if they are consumed for a long span of time.

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Counseling And Psychotherapy:

Psychological counseling or psychotherapy involves working with a therapist to reduce anxiety symptoms. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most effective form of psychotherapy for treating anxiety neurosis. CBT focuses on teaching specific skills to identify, understand, and change the faulty thinking and behavior patterns that lead to the symptoms of anxiety. In the exposure therapy, the affected person is gradually encountered with the object or situation, which triggers anxiety, with specific coping skills so that he can build confidence and that he can manage the situation and anxiety symptoms effectively.

A part of cognitive-behavioral therapy can include learning relaxation techniques, such as meditation, yoga, or other types of physical exercises. 

Family and group counseling is also helpful in some cases of anxiety neurosis.


Homeopathic medicines work wonders when prescribed either as a stand-alone treatment or in association with the conventional medicines in treating anxiety neurosis. Being a holistic therapy, the selection of homeopathic medicine is based on the deeper understanding of the patient’s mindset, his stress copying system, and genetic tendency. Hence, homeopathic medicines are highly effective in controlling the anxiety states without any side-effects. After taking homeopathic medicines, you will experience a significant relief in the frequency, severity, and duration of the anxiety states or panic attacks. The need for the conventional anti-anxiety medicines will reduce, or you may be even able to taper it to stop eventually. Homeopathic treatment along with suitable psychotherapy can work wonders in managing anxiety neurosis remarkably. So, if anytime you happen to suffer from any symptom of anxiety neurosis, count on homeopathy with a second thought and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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– Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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