high-heel-and-back-painHigh heels have always been a “must have” in a female’s shoe rack. Since ages, wearing high heels has been a trend that never goes out of style. But style, if misused may become a reason for your back pain and other associated health problems.

One may face many health related problems like chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis), leg pain, in growing toe nails, corns (bunions), numbness in the feet etc. Out of these low backache is the most common problem faced by females across the globe. Back pain and high heels always go hand in hand when it comes to wearing them regularly without following any precautionary measures.

How do you get back pain from wearing high heels?

Walking with high heels may be a fashion choice or workplace necessity; but may turn into a lifestyle disease later. High heels if worn over a long period of time causes shortening of the muscles of the calves and back. There is an uneven distribution of weight while walking. Instead of a normal heel-to-toe gait (in which the heel touches the floor, followed by the ball of the foot and then the toes), it becomes an exclusive-toe gait. Hence, the toes bear the whole weight of the body.

While walking in high heel shoes, the body becomes arched backwards in order to maintain an erect posture. This causes overstraining of the muscles of the back, knees, calves and a pressure on the back and hip nerves leading to low back pain from wearing high heels.

Wearing high heels regularly may lead to lumbar lordosis (Forward bend of the curvature of spine). This may go unnoticed initially but the bend of the spine may increase gradually giving rise to a pain and permanent structural change of the spine.

There is noticeable change in the gait and posture of the individual while walking and sitting. If your back starts hurting the next day or a few hours after wearing high heels, it is an indication to stop wearing high heels.

You need not stop wearing heels altogether:

All women wearing heels may not get back pain. It is not that all the heels that you wear will cause you a problem; rather it is the quality and size of heels which you wear.

So cheer up! Wearing high heels occasionally is advisable. Wearing good quality high heels with care and proper insoles will help in preventing low back pain and discomfort.

Here are some tips in order to prevent low back pain after wearing high heels:

  • Wear branded shoes with a flat soled heel or a heel having a wide base. Hence wedges are a better option than stilettos.
  • Make sure that you are wearing the right size of shoes
  • Six inched heels may look great, but aren’t so generous on your back! Prefer heels which are half or one inch tall so that it reduces strain on the calves and back.
  • Use a soft insole in the shoes to reduce negative pressure on the knees
  • Give rest to your feet by removing your shoes and stretching your feet after every two hours if you are using them for a long time
  • Wear high heels only when there is minimal walking

If you’ve been wearing heels since a long time and have been suffering from low back pain after wearing high heels, there are a lot of homoeopathic remedies which can help you. Homoeopathy can help take care of your back pain gently and safely. Off course, this depends on the structural damage that has already been caused. To know how homoeopathy can help your low back pain after wearing high heels, do get in touch with our doctors at Lifeforce Homoeopathy today.


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