ConstipationConstipation – a very common problem today. If they could make an entire movie about Amitabh Bachhan’s character and his constipation problem, one can imagine how common it is! Ranging from the high profile businessman to the retired old lady, constipation troubles all sorts of people. It often leaves one wondering – what can I do to get relief from my constipation?

Here are a few quick tips to relieve constipation and to help you eat better.

Fibre Up:

One should have 20 – 35 grams of fibre everyday. Raw vegetables, Whole grain breads, Fruits, Salads, flax seeds, prunes and figs are good sources of fibre. Ensure that you increase your fibre intake very slowly. A rapid increase in the fibre content of your diet can cause bloating, increased gas formation and discomfort.

Regularize your Meal Times:

Our intestines get stimulated to contract right from the act of eating. Hence eating something every few hours will help keep your system moving in a smooth way. Always ensure that you eat your meals at regular hours.

Stay Hydrated:

As the stool passes through the lower digestive tract, water is absorbed as per the daily requirement. The lesser water you consume, the more your digestive system pulls out of your stools and the harder your stools become. Ensure that you drink 8 – 10 glasses of water every day. This will make sure that the stools that are formed are softer and easier to pass.

King-Size Breakfast:

Heard the saying ‘Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper’? The bit about having a king-sized breakfast holds true for your constipation problem too. Having a large meal in the morning often helps in stimulating your intestines to move.

Not all Fat is Bad:

A ‘Cut-Down-All-Fat’ frenzy has gripped us in a bid to save our hearts. However, not all fat is bad and fat is not all bad too! Some amount of fat is needed for various processes in our body – one among them being increasing the strength of contractions of your intestines.


Moving your body will help to keep your bowels moving too! Those who live active lifestyles tend to suffer from constipation less frequently.

Don’t ignore that urge:

Whether you’re a child or an adult, many of us often tend to put off our urges to empty our bowels. The reasons may vary from being too engrossed in our work, waiting until we find a clean washroom or having to rush off to work! The longer a stool stays in the intestine, the harder it tends to become. Do not push off that urge.

If your constipation is not relieved by the above tips, you may need to consult your doctor. Stool softeners and laxatives may be prescribed for you. Homoeopathic remedies are a wonderful option to ease chronic constipation troubles. Dr Rajesh Shah’s homoeopathic medicines for constipation have helped many patients. To know how you can benefit from homoeopathic medicines for constipation, get in touch with us today.


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