Chalazion-Treatment-photoChalazion is an inflammation of the deep oil glands inside the eyelid. It  is a nodular swelling found on the upper or lower eyelid.It is usually painless. The size of a chalazion may vary from that of a grain to a pea.  It is  formed  due to the blockage of a gland in the eye responsible for keeping the eye moist.


Infection of the hair-follicle of the eyelids, poor eye hygiene or a recent style.

Warning signs:

-An otherwise harmless chalazion may become a cause of concern when it starts producing pressure effects

– It can push eyeball forward causing the eye bulge out. This makes the eyes sensitive to light.

Chalazion Treatments:

A chalazion is usually harmless. But when it interferes with vision or recurs again, it has to be treated.

Surgery: The chalazion is excised through a small surgery. However, surgery may remove the chalazion but doesn’t correct the problem of recurrence.  Surgical removal of chalazion does not alter the tendency of chalazion formation.

Homeopathic treatment: Homeopathy provides effective chalazion treatment.

It is safe and harmless. It treats chalazion without resorting to surgery. It not only removes the chalazion but also corrects the tendency of the body to produce such a mass.  It treats the patient in the most harmless and subtle way. Homeopathy takes into consideration the symptoms as well the constitution of the patient. Hence, every case is studied in detail and medicines which are  most appropriate to the patient are prescribed. Gradually, not only the current symptoms are taken care of, but the future recurrence is also checked.

The homeopathic treatment duration may vary from 4-6 months since this treatment aids the body’s self healing powers. It also removes the residual inflammation and infection and hence reduces the chances of recurrence. It removes the disposition of the body to develop chalazion. To know more about how homeopathy can help in chalazion treatment faster, chat with our doctors @ click here

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