Bladder-ProlapseProlapse means something falling out of its place. Bladder is an organ present in human body, in pelvis area, which stores urine. Prolapse bladder is condition occurring when the muscle which supports bladder becomes weak. It is medically also called as cystole. Bladder prolapse generally happens due to weak vaginal muscles in pelvis. Most commonly it is seen in females as compared to males.

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Anything which will make the pelvis muscles weak, can lead to bladder prolapse. The commonest cause is pregnancy and childbirth. Other causes may include straining hard for stool, lifting heavy weights, excessive weight (Obesity ) etc. It has also been noted that females in postmenopausal age are more prone to get this problem as there are hormonal changes happening during this period which may result in weakness of muscles.


It mainly includes:

  1. Stress Incontinence – Leaking urine during sneezing, coughing, exertion, laughing, walking etc
  2. Urgent need to go to pass urine but leaking urine till person reaches washroom.
  3. Incomplete emptying of bladder. Has to strain to completely empty bladder.
  4. There is discomfort or pain in pelvic region
  5. Bladder or urine infections happen more frequently
  6. In severe cases bladder may protrude out from vaginal opening.

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There are different stages/grades of prolapse from which perfect diagnosis of condition is done. Treatment depends upon which stage the prolapse is.
In mild cases Life style modifications and pelvic floor exercises will make the situation under control. Medicines and hormonal therapy is also recommended in mild and moderate cases.

In later stages, surgery is generally recommended.

Homeopathy can be very much helpful in cases of prolapse. Homeopathy is a science which is based upon individualization. Hence there are no specific remedies which can be given for prolapse. Detail history taking is required to prescribe correct remedy.

Most common medicines which can be given for this condition includes Sepia, Podophyllum, Aloes, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, Lilium Tig and many others..

Homeopathy is strongly recommended for patients with bladder prolapse.

-Dr. Kainaz Billimoria, Life Force Homeopathy

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