The onset of winter brings in the cold weather which can be a little discomforting to most of us. However, if you are an asthma patient, the cold months of winter can pose a risk of various health discomforts. In the winter season, you may find it difficult to regulate the asthma discomforts. The cold and dry air in this season may irritate your airways, cause the muscles within to spasm, and may also make you vulnerable to respiratory tract infections, with flu viruses on the prowl, and exacerbate the symptoms of asthma. If you or anyone in your family, friends, or relatives are suffering from Asthma and his/her asthma gets aggravated in the winter, you should be aware of its triggers and try to avoid them.


Asthma can make breathing difficult by narrowing the airways due to their recurrent inflammation. Apart from the forceful breathing, cough, wheezing sound, chest congestion, weakness, and rapid pulse are a few other common symptoms. Winters, the change of weather, pollens, and dust allergens can trigger the condition. Some other factors also trigger asthma. However, today, we are talking about the winters and the reason for triggering the symptoms of asthma in this weather.


As we all know, the winter is the weather of low temperature, dry cold wind, and less sunlight. In the months of winter, some dry pollens, viruses, bacteria, and dust pollutants present in the air can cause a trigger of asthma. When these allergens enter into the airways, they cause the airways’ muscles to constrict. Hence, the patient suffers from forceful breathing, congestion, feeling of heaviness in the chest, and wheezing. Also, the mold spores, viruses, and bacteria present in the air can cause recurrent infection of the airways and trigger the discomforting asthma symptoms.


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To protect from the winter triggers of asthma, following some simple tips would be helpful to reduce the severity and intensity of asthmatic episodes.


  1. Avoid direct exposure to the cold wind. Use a scarf to cover your mouth and nose.
  2. Whenever going outside, use a mask or scarf to protect yourself from the dust, pollens, and air pollutants.
  3. Wash your hands to protect yourself from different viruses and other infectious germs.
  4. Keep your house warm by using the heater and humidifier.
  5. Exercise inside the home. Don’t go outside in the winter for regular exercise.
  6. Keep your inhaler and medicines near you, as you may find them helpful in the case of an emergency.
  7. Take the flu vaccine. Consult your doctor for knowing the right time to take that flu vaccine.
  8. Avoid smoking.
  9. Try to identify your triggering factor and avoid it.


Following these few precautions will help avoid the asthma triggers in the months of winter. Keep in touch with your doctor. For any further query or other information, you can reach us at 022-668888 or you can visit our website




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