Dry skin is a very common occurrence among people worldwide. As we age, our skin losses its elasticity, or the development of an underlying disease condition can make our skin turn dry. If this condition is untreated, it may lead to cracks in the skin and infections. So, keeping the skin always moisturized and moist is very important.


7 Home Remedies for Dry Skin:

There are many home remedies to get relieved of the dryness of the skin. Moisturizing your skin is the most important and effective way to prevent the skin from turning dry. Here are some simple yet effective home remedies for dry skin.


      1. Sunflower oil:

Sunflower oil is quite beneficial to moisturize your skin and prevent it from turning dry skin. It possesses emollient properties that help your skin retain moisture. It’s a good source of vitamin E which traps the moisture within the cells and maintains skin hydrated for a long time.  So, massage your skin with sunflower oil till it is fully absorbed.


        2. Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a very good natural remedy to treat the dryness of the skin. It helps to improve the hydration of the skin. Coconut oil contains the saturated fatty acids which possess emollient properties. The application of the coconut oil on the skin makes it smooth by filling up the gap amid the skin cells.


         3. Honey:

The main features of honey that help the skin issues are its healing properties, moisturizing effect, and anti-inflammatory nature. All these make honey an excellent home remedy to treat skin complaints. You can apply it directly to your skin.


         4.Oatmeal bath:

It is very effective in treating dry skin. Adding the powdery oatmeal to the warm water and bathing with it relieves the dryness of the skin. Skin creams that contain Oatmeal help in relieving the dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


         5. Milk:

Milk contains phospholipid which is a fat that improves the skin barrier, thereby helping in maintaining the moisture in the skin. Following the diet which comprises the milk helps in maintaining healthy skin. Milk is also beneficial when it comes to applying to dry skin.


       6. Aloe vera:

It is a very good natural home remedy to transform dry skin into healthy skin. Aloe vera acts as a natural moisturizer for dry skin. It’s common among the people to apply it to the extremities during the morning and night. Applying aloe vera gel on another area of the body and allowing it to soak will help you obtain relief from the dry skin.


         7. Petroleum jelly:

It is also called mineral oil, a generalized moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is an effective remedy for treating dry skin in general.


10 Things Not To Do To Avoid Dryness of the Skin:


Here are some important things that you should avoid to prevent the dryness of the skin in general.


  1. Scratching of the skin
  2. Using air-conditioning a lot that causes too much of chillness
  3. Shaving without gel using blunt blades
  4. Bathing and showering often.
  5. Rubbing your skin hard with the dry towels
  6. Always using lotions that may contain alcohol.
  7. Hard and rough clothes rubbing and irritating the skin.
  8. Using detergent very often
  9. The exposure to the heat and fire
  10. The exposure to the windy climate without covering your skin properly.


I hope you find this blog informative. Now that you know these home remedies for dry skin, make sure that you follow them to prevent your skin from turning dry.


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