Writer's CrampAre you finding it difficult to write? Does your hand ache a lot? Do you experience discomfort in your fingers, wrist, and forearm? If you nodded along in agreement, then you might be suffering from writer’s cramp. And, if you are wondering what writer’s cramp is, then think no further. Rest your worries, just scroll down to discover all about writer’s cramp.

What Is Writer’s Cramp?

Writer’s cramp is a condition that occurs due to sustained cramps in some muscles of hands or fingers. When you suffer from the writer’s cramp, you may complain difficulty or inability to write. When the muscles of only one part of the body are affected, it is termed as focal dystonia and writer’s cramp is one such type. It comes under the umbrella of repetitive strain injury.

Causes And Risk Factors Of Writer’s Cramp:

The exact reason behind writer’s cramp is not yet clear. It was generally believed to occur due to the excessive muscular or motor activity, and it may get complicated by a faulty writing technique. According to some scientific studies, some of the risk factors possibly related to writer’s cramps include:

  • Long hours of writing time or other repetitive activities involving fingers and hands.
  • Sudden increase in the time spent on writing
  • Sometimes a history of injury may be an associated factor

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Symptoms Of Writer’s Cramps:

The chief or main symptoms of writer’s cramp are pain and uneasiness that you experience while using the hand or fingers for a long time. The symptoms usually begin between the age of 30 and 50 years and affect both men and women.

  1. Initially, cramps may be felt after prolonged periods of writing.
  2. The cramps may be associated with pain in fingers, wrists, hands or forearms, and difficult coordination of hands.
  3. The hands may even jerk while attempting to write, or there may be tremors in an outstretched hand.
  4. Your handwriting changes significantly, sometimes it becomes unreadable too. Patients generally experience great difficulties due to the change in their signatures. You may experience severe pain and uneasiness while writing, typing, or doing other occupational works and activities.
  5. Excessively abnormal or faulty movement of the wrist or elbow. A similar situation can be observed in professionals like musicians playing certain instruments, typists, or golfers.

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Diagnosis And Treatment For Writer’s Cramp:

Writer’s cramp is diagnosed with the help of the patient’s history. Functional assessments that detail the history and exact nature and severity of the symptoms may be helpful for the diagnosis of writer’s cramps. For instance, Arm Dystonia Disability Scale (ADDS) or Writer’s Cramp Rating Scale (WCRS) may be suggested.

Homeopathy is recommended for the cases of writer’s cramps to alleviate the discomfort. Homeopathy helps in the reduction of sudden painful contraction (spasms) and in the restoration of the disturbed functions of the body parts as a whole.

So, if you any time happen to suffer from writer’s cramp, seek homeopathic treatment from an expert homeopath for effective relief.

 – Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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