Since pregnancy is the delicate phase of a female’s life, one should be very careful while eating and ignoring what to eat. Every elderly person recommends the lady with care and love to add particular fruits or food products so that she can have a healthy baby. While it is noted that many people insist on not eating particular fruits or foods as they have proved toxic to the mother as well as to the fetus. Hence, all that the expecting mothers need is clear and proper advice as to what should be eaten in what amount and what not should be eaten. Keep reading to know which foods an expecting mother should avoid completely and which foods to eat in a limited amount along with the reason for the same.
Following are some foods that health experts advise to avoid consuming in pregnancy:
1.Fruits: Since childhood, we have been hearing that fruits are a very important part of our diet. But, as soon as, we hear that a few fruits should be avoided during pregnancy, many people get baffled learning these suggestions. So, let’s make it clear that a few fruits have a natural tendency to induce abortion or complications which are harmful to the embryo. Here are some fruits which can be harmful to the expecting mother and her unborn baby.
a)Papaya: An unripe of partially ripe fruit of papaya contains ‘latex’, which is considered to be harmful during pregnancy. This substance induces uterine contraction and expulsion of the fertilized ovum. While papaya also contains ‘papain’, which is identical to prostaglandin. Papain in the body induces labor like the function of prostaglandin. Hence, papaya should be avoided completely during the period of pregnancy.
b)Grapes: Grapes contain a high amount of ‘Resveratrol’, which causes toxicity in the pregnant lady. The skin of the black grapes is responsible for the digestive error as the digestive system is already weak in this condition. While another study indicates that grapes are rich sources of vitamin C, K, folate, antioxidants, and fibers and are safe to eat during pregnancy. Hence, one should be careful while adding grapes to diet while expecting and, if at all you intend to have grapes, have them in a limited amount after you have a word with your doctor.
c)Pineapple: Pineapple, when consumed in a large amount, is observed to cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. This may further lead to dehydration and sickening of the health of the expecting mother. Pineapple also contains a substance called bromelain, which softens the cervix and induces uterine contraction and labor-like pain. Hence pineapple should be avoided completely.

2.Seafood and fish: Large sea fishes are known to contain a high amount of mercury, which is harmful as well as lethal to the health of the child, unborn, and infants. Fishes like tuna, sharks are sea fishes and contain high mercury. Even though they are rich in omega 3, the index of causing harm beats the benefits and hence they should be avoided. Sushi is undercooked and also contains mercury. You should avoid it while you are expecting. There are a few people whose staple food contains fish and rice; they can opt for freshwater river fishes.

3.Eggplant: Eggplants are commonly cooked in Indian houses, but the research study has found that eggplants were used to treat premenstrual disorders and amenorrhea. Hence, it helps to induce menstrual flow and so it should be avoided in pregnancy. Once a while and in the limit, one can have it without side-effects. Have a word with your doctor before having it.
4.Unpasteurized milk and milk products: Pasteurization is a process where milk is heated up to the temperature where all microbes are killed and then it is suddenly cooled. Unpasteurized milk or any dairy products contains a lot of germs and can cause infection from germs, such as E-Coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Thus only pasteurized milk should be consumed during and after pregnancy.
5.Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds in the initial days were used as a medicine for miscarriage as it would cause uterine contractions and helps in expulsion of the fertilized ovum. While some study indicates that sesame seeds contain vitamin B, C, and E, some also mention that it also contains calcium which helps in the formation of bones and teeth of the fetus. Due to controversies related to its consumption, it is better not to have sesame seeds in your diet without the consent of your physician giving antenatal care.
6.Ajinomoto: Ajinomoto or Chinese salt is considered to be harmful to health if consumed in large amounts. Several studies have proved its carcinogenic properties. Ajinomoto damages the process of development of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system of the fetus. Hence, in a limited amount and once in a while, it can be consumed, but it should not be consumed as regular food. It’s beneficial for expecting mothers to avoid having Ajinomoto to prevent the risk of any health issue, which can affect the would-be mother or the unborn child.
7.Fennel and fenugreek seeds: A Fennel and fenugreek seeds contain phytoestrogens, which induce uterine contraction. This also causes white discharge from the vagina and stimulates menstruation. Hence, it must be avoided during pregnancy.
8.Refined flour: Refined flour does not contain any nutrients and it is difficult to digest. Any products made from refined flour, such as pizza, samosa, bread, pasta, noodles, etc. are proved to be very poor for the health of any human being, particularly for the fetus and expectant mother. So, instead of refined flour products, eat healthy and nutritious foods.
9.Raw meat: Raw meat or undercooked meat contains several bacteria, parasites, and germs. If meat is not fully cooked, the germs do not die, and anyone consuming it can suffer from infections, such as salmonella tuberculosis, etc.
10.Dates: It is recommended to pregnant females to avoid eating dates in the first and second trimester. The dates have properties of dilatation of the cervix and help in uterine relaxation. This is the main reason why women should avoid eating dates during pregnancy, particularly in the first and second trimesters.
Before following or unfollowing these tips, one must consult their gynecologist for healthy suggestions.


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