Have you anytime experienced dryness, itching, pimple-like rashes, or skin peeling in the months of winter? Did these skin problems irritate you a lot making it difficult for you to carry out your routine activities smoothly? If you nodded along with a concern, then you might be suffering from Xerotic eczema. Xerotic eczema, which is also called as ‘winter itch’, is one of the types of eczema that many of us experience. In the winter, when our skin is unable to retain moisture, we more likely to experience such symptoms.
Causes of Xerotic Eczema:
Xerotic eczema can be observed in individuals of any age group. Mostly, this skin condition affects older people who have a poor blood circulation problem, and it is often found occurring in the lower leg area. In diabetic patients, it is often found to affect the feet. Symptoms of Xerotic eczema often worsen during the night time.
Common Symptoms Of Xerotic Eczema That You Should Be Aware Of:
Xerotic Eczema affects your skin and causes skin problems that increase your discomfort. Some of the common symptoms of Xerotic eczema are as below.
3.Pimple-like bumps
5.Cracked skin
If the disease is not treated then it could lead to other severe problems, such as infection, ulcers, fissures on the feet, and other discomforts.
6 Care Tips To Tackle Xerotic Eczema:
Here are some care and health tips that can help minimize your discomfort resulting due to Xerotic Eczema. Find below a few tips to reduce symptoms of Xerotic eczema.
1.Avoid harsh & chemical-based soap
2.Avoid hot water showers
3.Avoid itching or scratching on the affected area
4.Use mild & natural soap
5.Apply natural oils on the affected area, such as coconut oil, olive oil, Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel, and other healthy oils
6.Drink plenty of water.
Homeopathic Treatment For Xerotic Eczema:
After the proper diagnosis of the skin condition is done, you need to address the underlying cause for itching. So, you need to choose the mode of treatment that is safe, free from any side-effects, and which can help prevent the recurrence of the disease.
In such circumstances, homeopathy offers excellent treatment to treat Xerotic eczema. Homeopathic medicines are absolutely harmless, safe, and non-toxic. In homeopathy, this condition is considered and treated as an external manifestation of an internal disorder. Choosing homeopathy for treating Xerotic eczema gives you a great relief from the discomforting symptoms and keeps the disease in control. The basic principle of homeopathy is to improve your body’s innate healing power to fight against the disease as well as to remove the causes of disease from its root.
Many homeopathic medicines are extremely helpful in treating winter itch. They include Arsenic album, petroleum, Rhus tox, Sulphur, Graphites, etc. But, before taking any medicine, you should consult an experienced homeopath who can recommend you the best suitable medicine for treating your condition effectively.
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