Keen on grabbing that pack of crispy, salty chips or popcorn? Are you aware of the amount of salt in packaged chips or your popcorn? Did you know excess salt can damage your health? Well, anything in excess is bad. And, salt is no exception to this. Often, we snack on a lot of junk and processed foods that contain a high quantity of salt. And, this can harm your health. It is important to consume salt in the right quantity to maintain good health. A lack or excess of salt can also cause health issues. You need that perfect balance of salt intake by incorporating it in the right amount in your daily diet. In this blog, we shall tell you what quantity of salt is appropriate to consume for enjoying good health. This is going to be an eye-opener for all reading this blog today. So, let’s take a sneak peek at salt intake the right way.


The theme of World Salt Awareness Week 2022 

Salt Awareness Week 2022 takes place from 14th March 2022- 20th March 2022. The theme for World Salt Awareness Week 2022 is to improve health by shaking the salt habit. It focuses on educating people worldwide about how an excess intake of salt is injurious to our health and how it is crucial to incorporate the right amount of salt into your daily diet.


How much Quantity of Salt Should I Consume? 

Adults should consume no more than 6g of salt per day i.e. 1 tsp. Children should eat 2gms to 5 gms of salt per day. Babies should not consume more salt as their kidneys are fully developed and need special attention.


What is salt? 

Salt is a mineral called NaCl (Sodium chloride) which is an important constituent of every cell in our body.


Why do we consider salt harmful to our health? 

Experts recommend having the right quantity of salt, particularly when it comes to enjoying good heart health. This is very common advice that most doctors offer, particularly if you have-

  • High Blood Pressure or Hypertension
  • Kidney problems


Yes, we should continue to follow this as per our doctor’s recommendations for the good health of our heart and kidney.


Can too much salt harm the body?

Ingesting excess salt can be harmful to our body and mind. Here are some adverse effects of a high intake of salt.

  • Excess salt can harm the body cells

Excess of salt may stimulate your cells that may result in extra retention of the water. This may hamper cell functioning.  Body cells need nutrients and vitamins to function well. The absorption of a lot of salt can disrupt the absorption capacity of cells.


  • Swelling of face 

Are you waking up in the morning with a swollen or bloated face? Time to check your salt intake and water retention capacity. Make sure that you include the right quantity of salts in your daily diet.


  • Bloated tummy

Tried everything but cannot get rid of the bloated tummy? Well, check your salt intake. Are you overloading your tummy with salty foods? It’s time to bring about a change right away and switch to all healthy fruits and vegetables.


  • Craving for salty foods

Are you getting attracted to junk and outside foods from restaurants regularly? Don’t forget that an overdose of salt in your amazing and lip-smacking delicious hotel food makes you full instantly. A high intake of table salt can also be dangerous to your health and may even make you crave more of it.


Can a lack of salt cause health issues?

Well, yes lack of salts can cause weakness with low energy levels. It can lead to muscle weakness. Remember, the ORS, Oral Rehydrating Solution which your doctor advises you to drink after a bout of diarrhea? This ORS stimulates your cells to absorb the salts back in your cells and gives an instant boost.


Well, if you have tried everything and are still feeling weak, it is important to check the quantity of your salt intake.


If you are consuming the right amount of salt, there could be an issue with the absorption of salts in the body. To know more about this, get connected to our professional team of doctors at

  • Written by Dr. Rati Parwani, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah



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