After a correct diagnosis of any condition, it is equally important that you take the right treatment to get relief. The patient is left in confusion, particularly when there are many treatment options available and he needs to choose one. In today’s world, when all the knowledge is easily available at one’s fingertips, this confusion happens more easily. Lichen planus is one such difficult condition to treat. So, in this article, we explore what could be the best treatment for the same.

For those who don’t know, lichen planus is an autoimmune condition where the immune system cells of your body act against your skin cells, thereby causing itchy purplish skin rashes. This rash is particularly observed in areas around your wrist and ankles, and it may spread to other parts of the body. Besides the itchy purplish rash, lichen planus could also present as raised thickened skin eruptions called hypertrophic lichen planus. It can also affect the inner sides of cheeks, gums, tongue, and private parts causing lace-like white lesions and, at times, erosion. In some individuals, it may affect the hairy parts and cause permanent hair loss. It is called lichen planopilaris. Another commonly observed variety of lichen planus is Lichen Planus Pigmentosa where dark patches of pigmentation appear over the skin and, sometimes, it may affect extensive areas of the body.

In conventional therapy, treatment comprises medicines to relieve the troublesome itching. Oral steroids, immune modulators, and local steroid injections can be part of conventional treatment to suppress the immune system and control the formation of new lesions. This may provide the patient with temporary relief in the symptoms. However, due to the risk of side effects, these cannot be continued for a long time. If the medicines are discontinued, lichen planus reappears. This is called steroid withdrawal relapse. Sometimes, the physician may have limitations in prescribing these medicines to pregnant females and children.

Homeopathy is a completely safe alternative and best treatment for lichen planus. Keep reading to learn how homeopathy is beneficial in the treatment of lichen planus.

Through its holistic approach in treating the patient, it not just treats the lichen planus lesions but also corrects the underlying autoimmune process causing lichen planus, thereby offering a long-lasting relief from the discomforting condition. A holistic approach of treatment would mean treating not just the visible effects of the lichen planus but also taking into consideration the factors that lead to the development of lichen planus in the person and correcting it wherever possible. The factors could be a person’s response to stress or environmental factors around him, genetic tendencies for autoimmune conditions, the person’s disposition to develop the autoimmune condition, etc. It is important to note that homeopathic medicines for lichen planus or any other disease condition are individualized to fit each patient according to their peculiar nature and personalities. Thus, no two patients with the same condition will receive the same homeopathic medicine.

It is also proven that the stress levels of the patient greatly influence the autoimmune conditions. At Life Force Homeopathy, we can correlate the relapse in the patients with some stressful episodes in their life, such as examination, increased workload, or stress due to disappointment, grief, and loss. A well-planned homeopathic treatment helps to improve the body’s response to stress, thereby reducing the frequency, severity, and duration of the relapse.

Homeopathic medicines being administered in small doses are not capable of causing side effects nor does the complaint relapse after stopping the treatment, unlike the steroid withdrawal effect.

Homeopathic medicines are palatable and easy to administer. There are not many medicine-specific restrictions which also makes it a treatment of choice for lichen planus and other health issues.

In a single-blind randomized control clinical trial of 30 patients with oral lichen planus, it was noted that the homeopathic medicine administered caused a significant reduction in the pain and size of the lesions as compared to the control group. They also reported an improvement in their quality of life and were able to eat without much discomfort.

Click on the link below to read about more success stories of Lichen planus treatment with homeopathy at Life Force. The results convey how homeopathy is the best treatment for Lichen planus.

Also, in case you have any queries about the lichen planus, feel free to write to us at We shall be glad to reply to you back. So, if you happen to suffer from this skin condition any time, opt for homeopathic treatment for lichen planus without a second thought.


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