copdWhat is COPD?

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a progressive lung disease caused as a result of chronic inflammation of the lungs with obstruction to the air flow in the lungs. There is progressive lung damage over a period of time which later makes it “hard to breathe”.

The symptoms of COPD include:

  • Difficulty in breathing/ Breathlessness (Dyspnoea)
  • Whistling sounds in the chest (Wheezing)
  • Cough
  • Sputum Production (Blood stained at later stages)

COPD is known to be a deteriorating disease. Individuals who are chronic smokers and tobacco chewers are more prone to contract this disease. Other factors include occupational exposure to irritants and pollution. Medications do help in resolving the acute attacks and chronicity of complaints. But supplementing exercise with medication accelerates the process of recovery. There are many reasons why an individual suffering from COPD symptoms should exercise daily.

Exercise and COPD symptoms are inter-related. Patients generally avoid exercising for fear of shortness of breath. But exercising for COPD is a must.

Aerobic exercises for people with COPD (‘Aero’ means air) are mainly advisable and effective in enhancing the lung capacities. Yogic exercises and Pranayam help build the lung strength and keep them healthy.

Here are 5 reasons how exercise will help improve your COPD symptoms:

  • Reason 1: Breathing exercises helps your body use more oxygen efficiently and thereby improve your breathing with time.
  • Reason 2: Strengthening exercises help tighten the involuntary as well as voluntary muscles of the upper body thereby helping maintain the tone of the breathing muscles.
  • Reason 3: Aerobic exercises for people with COPD help you in “breathing effortlessly”. It decreases shortness of breath and easy fatigue thereby improving your stamina. This will prevent easy tiring while performing any physical activity.
  • Reason 4: Exercising with a group makes you feel lively. It helps in socializing which further motivates you to build a positive attitude towards resolving your illness and being regular in exercising.
  • Reason 5: Warm ups help improve blood circulation thereby improving oxygen supply to the lungs and heart. This further improves the elasticity of lung tissue.

Exercises for people with COPD will help you break this vicious cycle of:

Breathlessness à Not exercising àEasy tirednessàMuscles weakness à you getting more breathlessà you avoiding exercise

If you know someone who suffers from COPD symptoms and could do with some motivation to exercise, do share this with them! Homoeopathic treatment also offers a very good solution for COPD symptoms. Do get in touch with us to know more about Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homeopathic treatment for COPD at LifeForce. You can call +91-22-66888888 or write in to us at Alternately you could also leave us your contact details in the form below.

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