Urticaria-CureWhat are Hives or Urticaria?

Hives are raised itchy bumpy eruptions which can appear on almost all the parts of the body. Urticaria or hives are an exaggerated response by our defence system. Mast cells are tiny fighter cells that are a part of the defense (immune) system. Whenever our body feels there is any foreign material invading inside, these mast cells release chemicals called histamines,. As a result of the histamine which is released into the skin, raised bumps, red patches, swelling and itching may be caused.

Just a Skin disease or something deeper?

People commonly believe that Urticaria is caused by food allergies, dust, pollen, seasonal changes or certain medicines….this is not entirely true. While food allergies, dust, pollen, etc. may act as a trigger, urticaria is basically an autoimmune disease which produces symptoms on the skin.

Urticaria cure is possible in two ways

  1. In severe acute phases with Anti-histamine medications.
  2. Treating the root cause – that is the deranged immunity.

Anti histaminic medications are often considered a popular solution for Urticaria cure. Let us see how anti histamine medicines act:

Antihistamines block the effect of histamines released from the mast cells. This in turn helps to reduce the redness and itching and slowly reduces the rashes.

If the condition is very severe, corticosteroids may be prescribed for a short term. However, steroids are not advisable to be used on the long run as it has many side effects.

In chronic conditions when anti-histamines are taken for a long time, it has been seen that the body gets adapted to the medicines after a certain period and dosage of the medication has to be increased to control the severity of the disease. Also, anti-histamines are known to produce drowsiness, with other side effects like dryness of mouth, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, moodiness, blurred vision or even confusion.

Thus, anti-histamines are a good solution for instant relief but these are not a good option when it comes to urticaria cure.

When urticaria is long standing, treatment is needed to treat the root cause of the disease which gives long term relief with least or no side effects.

This is where homoeopathy steps in. Urticaria cure has been achieved in many patients with help of homeopathic medications.

Homeopathy does not just superficially act on the symptoms of hives but it believes in treating the altered immunity.

How does homeopathy work in urticaria cure?

  1. corrects the underlying immune dysfunction
  2. relieves stress and emotional disturbances
  3. reduces the frequency and intensity of the relapses
  4. develops tolerance to the allergens
  5. need for steroid can be reduced to a good extent
  6. no side effects

A constitutional remedy is chosen, keeping in mind all the details of the person. Each patient is treated differently, depending on the condition of the person, where individualization is done systemically.

Opt for a safe, gentle and harmless way of treatment. Opt for Homoeopathy. Get in touch with us today to know how you can benefit from Dr Rajesh Shah’s research based homoeopathic medicines for urticaria.


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