underactive thyroid“Doctor, Mummy does not run around like before!”

Anita was amused and taken aback when her 6 years old son grabbed the opportunity to complain about his mother to his Pediatrician during their regular visits.

True, she had been feeling more exhausted than earlier. But it was only after a detailed chat with her son’s Pediatrician did she realize that her recent weight gain, exhaustion and hair loss could be connected. Subsequent testing did actually reveal an underactive thyroid problem!

The thyroid gland is a small gland that secretes hormones which have effects on the entire body. An underactive thyroid means that your thyroid gland does not produce hormones in sufficient quantity. Often, people suffering from underactive thyroid disorder go undiagnosed because they may not realize that their vague symptoms could have any correlation to each other.

Do you have a Thyroid Problem? Here are a few common symptoms that could be related to an underlying Underactive Thyroid Problem:

Aches and Pains:

An underactive thyroid can lead to muscle and joint pains along with stiffness. A condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in which there is numbness and tingling in the hands may also be seen in persons suffering from hypothyroidism. If taking care of the thyroid disorder does not resolve the pain, your doctor will assess if the joint pain is due to any other disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis associated with hypothyroidism.

Hair loss:

A generalized hair loss may be the result of your prolonged underactive thyroid disorder. Surprisingly, thyroid medications (Levothyroxine) may temporarily cause hair loss too!


Like many other systems in the body, insufficient thyroid hormones could cause a slowness of the digestive system too, causing constipation. When drinking adequate water and consuming sufficient fibre also does nothing to aid your constipation, it may be surprising how just taking care of your underactive thyroid can work wonders.

Menstrual Irregularities:

Infrequent or light menses (called Oligomenorrhea) could be caused by an Underactive Thyroid. Whether you are a lady who is having difficulty getting pregnant or someone who is suspecting to have gone into an early menopause, do remember that your thyroid could be the culprit behind your period troubles.


Funny as it may seem, the cause of your depressed mood may be in your neck, while your head keeps getting blamed! The small thyroid gland in your neck can be responsible for causing lack of interest in a previously active and vivacious person.

Weight Gain:

Having you been consistently gaining weight despite an eye on your diet and an active lifestyle? It may be time to get your thyroid levels checked rather than cursing your weighing scale.


If you find yourself unusually tired or drowsy even after a full night’s rest, have trouble concentrating or feel as sluggish as a sloth, it could be because of an underactive thyroid problem. Before you are too hard on yourself for being “lazy”, do give yourself a little benefit of doubt and a visit to the doctor!

If you have been suffering from any of these seemingly vague symptoms, ask your doctor if any of these could be attributed to an underactive thyroid. Homoeopathy works wonders in an underactive thyroid if it is diagnosed early. In Dr Rajesh Shah’s experience at Lifeforce Homoeopathy, those who have been suffering from a Thyroid Disorder for less than 2 years can be helped with Homoeopathic medicines. Visit  Underactive Thyroid Treatment .

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