Tips-To-Prevent-Liver-CancerLiver cancer is a life threatening disease. But if you are really alert and aware about your health status, you can always be spared from this dreaded illness. Following is the list which consists of top five tips to prevent Liver Cancer.

  1. Eat healthy and stay fit- Monitoring your diet, avoiding outside food are the essentials to be followed these days. Eating fresh fruits, salads and fresh vegetables (Not overcooked) can help you keep your immunity at par. Minimize intake of heavy proteins and fat. Intake of lean proteins and minimal fat aids digestion. This will help avoid obesity and weight gain which a major risk factor for fatty liver disease.
  2. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco use- Drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco and smoking leads to liver cirrhosis and in turn leads to cancer. These are the avoidable risk factors for liver cancer. If you target to reduce and stop them, it will lower your risk towards cancer and other life threatening diseases too.
  3. Practicing safe sex- This is another important yet a neglected risk factor for liver cancer. Avoid multiple sex partners. Healthy sexual practices like using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (One of it being Hepatitis B) can reduce risk of liver disease. Be aware of your partner’s health status. He/She should be screened for HBV. Care should be taken not to get exposed to infected blood (Especially if you are in a health industry). Homosexuality is another risk for contacting an HBV (Hepatitis B) infection.
  4. Exercise right- A daily exercise in a right way always will serve you good in order to prevent risk factors to contact liver cancer. Physical activity and exercise helps to boost up your immunity. So, exercise RIGHT!
  5. Maintain hygiene- Practicing good habits daily is a simple method to maintain a good hygiene and keep any risk of cancer at par.

Keep away from risk factors of liver cancer is a combination of lifestyle correction, being alert about your health status and having a positive attitude towards life helps you to save yourself from contacting Liver Cancer.

So be alert, and be proactive!


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