Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by Virus MORBILLIOUS. The infection of measles spreads through the droplets from nose or mouth of the infected person. This condition is usually observed more in the babies. Most of the newborn babies take MMR vaccine for the protection from measles during their childhood. However, the disease is becoming more common among the young adult’s day-by-day, despite their childhood vaccine. Also, families avoid going for the now- compulsory vaccine because it is said to have severe side-effects such as autism.

Signs And Symptoms Of Measles:

  • Fever for more than 3 days
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Running nose
  • Conjunctivitis (Red eyes)
  • Eyes sensitive to light
  • Body ache and muscle ache
  • White lesions in the mouth
  • Rash – Characteristic of measles knows as KOPLIK’s Spots: Raised or flat red eruptions which could be itchy

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Diagnosing Measles:

Diagnosis can be made:

  1. When IgM antibodies for measles are POSITIVE or
  2. Isolation of measles virus from nasal or oral specimen

5 Effective Homeopathic Remedies For Measles:

  • Morbillium: Morbillium is used as preventive or prophylaxis remedy before the infection to build up immunity. It is also used during the epidemics to reduce the effect of the disease.
  • Pulsatilla: Pulsatilla is the most common remedy for measles. Generally, it is recommended when a rash develops on your body slowly. It is also suggested when the affected individual suffers from ear inflammation, stuffy nose, and cough. Also, when the affected person suffers from intolerable external heat and burning sensation, particularly at night, Pulsatilla can help reduce the discomfort. In addition to Pulsatilla, you also need to take a lot of care and rest when you are down with measles.
  • Aconite: Aconite is an effective homeopathic remedy for treating the initial stages of measles. When the affected individual tends to have dry skin and turns restless, particularly during the night with irritability, the fear of death, and anxiety, then Aconite is recommended for the relief. This remedy also helps treat a dry and violent cough and the thirst for the cold water of the affected individual. Aconite is also suggested when the affected person turns quite sensitive to the light and senses something beneath the eyelids.
  • Belladonna: Belladonna, a homeopathic remedy for measles, works the best when you suffer a high temperature with hot skin, sensitive and dilated pupils, acute discomfort due to a headache, rapid pulse, perspiration, and a flushed face. You need to go for Belladonna when you suffer from a red rash that is often painful and hot. This homeopathic remedy also treats the initial symptoms of measles, such as restlessness and nervousness. In addition to Belladonna, you also need to take plenty of rest for quick recovery.
  • Apis: Apis is a homeopathic remedy that is used to treat the skin eruptions resulting due to measles. It is recommended when the measles rash slowly erupts on your body and makes you suffer from swelling and puffiness, particularly on your facial area around your lips and eyes. Apis also helps you get relief from the discomfort that you suffer due to itchiness and irritation that is usually aggravated due to heat.


Now that you know how homeopathic remedies can help treat measles, make sure you choose homeopathy to get relief when you are down with measles.

-Written by Dr. Bhoomi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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