holiFor most, Holi is fondly remembered for its riot of colours, catching up with friends and lots of fun. However, for Swati, Holi always brings back horrible memories of when her son had come home crying from his Holi celebrations. Swati still remembers the day that was spent in rushing him from their local doctor to an eye specialist to the eye hospital after a water balloon burst smack in his face. While his eye recovered gradually, the thought of him going blind in an eye had terrified Swati to the core!

In order that you never have to undergo the plight that Swati’s son, here are a few tips for a healthy and safe Holi. The below Holi health tips will be beneficial:

  • Wear the right clothes: Try to keep most of your body covered by wearing full length clothes. Keep your hair tied or use a bandanna or cap to prevent colour dripping into your eyes from your hair.
  • Avoid contacts: If you are a contact lens user, switch to glasses. Contact lenses have a tendency to absorb colour and could complicate eye allergies or any other eye problems that you face.
  • Oil, the best protector: Oil your hair using coconut or olive oil at least 30 minutes before you begin playing. Oil will help protect your hair from the harsh colours. Do not forget areas like ear lobes and nails as colours tend to settle in these parts. Applying nail polish is another way to protect your nails.
  • Stay protected from the Sun: Do not forget to apply water proof sun screens before you step out to play Holi. Another good holi health tip is to go for sun screens that have an SPF of 30 or more. Also, colours tend to get stronger in the heat, which is then more difficult to wash off. See if you can spend more time under a shade, even if you are outdoors.
  • Choose the right colours: Natural home-made or organic colours are the best option. If home-made colours are not practically possible, at least choose red and pink colours which get washed off easily. Purple, green and such shades tend to have harsh chemicals.

Holi is a beautiful festival of colours if celebrated with caution. Did you find these tips for a healthy and safe Holi useful? Do let us know your thoughts in the section below. Wishing you all a safe and happy Holi from Dr Rajesh Shah and his entire team at LifeForce Homeopathy!


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