Pregnancy is a wonderful and delicate phase in every woman’s life. And, if you are expecting, you might be quite excited about the upcoming new phase in your life of being a mother to your little bundle of joy. Being a mother is indeed a crucial and priceless moment for any woman. The presence of ‘her’ in the word ‘mother’ itself signifies the prominence of the feminine aspect of womanhood. Undoubtedly, it is the mother who plays a crucial role in the life of the baby, even before the birth of the baby, in several aspects. Her nutrition and immunity levels are the most important right from the pregnancy of the to-be mother continued to nourishing and bringing up her baby. The growth of the baby, right since the fetal stage, largely depends on the mother.

Motherhood is the greatest and most wonderful phase of life, yet it is the hardest one. Physical and mental exhaustion, rapid hormonal changes, and sleep deprivation during pregnancy can be a challenge for pregnant mothers. We perpetuate the notion that women should experience the smooth and euphoric transition into motherhood. Giving birth and raising a child are important yet tedious tasks.

The important role of being a mother is a divine mission assigned to the women alone. There is a dynamic power in the relation between mother and child. Mother is the one who shapes the world of the child from ‘womb’ to ‘cradle’. Woman, particularly a mother, is the most influential mentors for their babies in every aspect of their life, no matter whether it’s physically or emotionally.


How Healthy Diet is Important for Good Health of the Expecting Mother & Baby?

Going to many nutritionists and following a healthy diet to ensure good health of the expecting mother and the baby is a very common thing every to-be mother does today. But how successful are they? Are we getting enough nutrition from the food that we eat? Macronutrients and micronutrients play a very important role in our diet. But, the absorption and assimilation of the nutrients are very important factors when it comes to nutrition for the baby and pregnant mothers.

Good maternal nutrition is very essential during pregnancy. It promotes the healthy weight of the newborn. Good birth weight means healthy chances of growth. Good nutrition from birth to 3 years is the most important foundation for the baby to grow healthy and bright. Good nutrition is essential at critical stages in various lifecycles of women and children. During the preconception period and pregnancy, there is an enormous responsibility to eat as well as to ensure the safety and health of the unborn child. So, an expecting mother should eat a healthy and balanced diet.


8 Prenatal Care Tips to Follow

Following some health tips during the pregnancy is highly beneficial for the good health of the to-be mother & her baby. Here are some tips for prenatal care to follow:

  1. Eat an iron-rich diet to prevent iron deficiency or anemia.
  2. Eat food rich in folic acid to prevent birth defect: Daily intake of folic acid is necessary for the first six months of pregnancy. You can take folic acid supplements to ensure you get your daily requirement of folic acid.
  3. Zinc is also an important source of nutrition for the mother as well as the fetus.
  4. Take prenatal vitamins daily. If you are deficient in any vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12 or vitamin D3, make sure you take a supplement that includes all the vitamins and minerals, and this will help in the healthy growth of the baby.
  5. Your daily food should be abundant in nutrition and should contain a good source of minerals, such as dry fruits and vegetables.
  6. Take good amounts of nutrition that will boost the immunoglobulin and immunity as well as promote the secretion of growth hormones
  7. Avoid dehydration. Have a good amount of healthy fluids to improve your hydration as well as remove the toxins from your body.
  8. Do meditation and yoga exercise to improve your oxygen and blood circulation, which will eventually help the baby to grow.


It is important to learn and note that the placenta is the organ that develops in the uterus during pregnancy. This structure provides nutrition and oxygen to the growing baby and removes the waste products from the baby’s body.

Good care of the expecting mother & her yet-to-born baby is crucial during pregnancy. Prevention is always better than cure, but sometimes the best defense doesn’t do the trick. There are various bugs, such as cold bugs, infectious bugs, and gastric bugs, that might attack you once your immunity level goes down. A mother’s womb keeps the baby sheltered from these bugs. So, every expecting mother must take good care of her health and immunity to protect her baby from various infections and health issues. So, take care of yourself and start homeopathy to prevent health complications, to improve your absorption rate of vitamins and minerals, and to boost your immunity incredibly during pregnancy.


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