The Importance of Lifestyle Modifications in Homeopathic Psoriasis Treatment

An autoimmune condition known as psoriasis causes the body to attack its immune cells mistakenly, thereby leading to areas of discoloured skin anywhere on the body. These skin patches vary in size ranging from tiny to large and are often scaly, itchy, and red. This disease impacts both males and females adversely. Although the disease can strike at any age, it is frequently observed to affect people in their middle years. Although psoriasis mostly affects the skin, it can affect the nails, scalp, joints, and intimate areas of the body. Since psoriasis typically worsens in the winter, many common people refer to it as a winter disease.


Lesions resulting due to this skin condition have an unpleasant appearance, which can make those who have it feel self-conscious. People with severe lesions may develop an introverted personality and shun social situations. In the end, they might isolate themselves from others and stop going out, which could contribute to sadness. Counselling can explain to them that the illness they are experiencing is not contagious and that it is okay to shake hands and interact with their loved ones in such situations. This will enable them to live a regular life and regain their confidence.


The idea that psoriasis can be transferred from one patient to another by getting contact with a healthy individual prevails in society. Here, it’s important to realize that psoriasis is not communicable. It can’t spread from one person to another because it is not a contagious disease. Psoriasis doesn’t happen to an individual through an infection.

Types of Psoriasis

  • Plaque psoriasis:  It is one of the most common types of psoriasis that affects most of the people who suffer from psoriasis.
  • Inverse psoriasis: The patient suffering from this type of psoriasis can notice that it causes lines on the skin. It results in tiny, scale-free plaques.
  • Guttate psoriasis: Guttate psoriasis usually affects young people and children. Those who are suffering from this type of psoriasis will notice red, small, and scaly patches on the skin.
  • Pustular psoriasis: This results in the development of discoloured, scaly skin with small pustules on the affected person’s palms of the hands and soles of the feet.
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis: In this type of psoriasis, the majority of the skin gets affected severely. People suffering from this type of psoriasis may notice discolouration in their skin and shedding of the skin.
  • Nail psoriasis: The fingernails and toenails get affected in this type of psoriasis. People suffering from this type of psoriasis can notice darkening of the skin, pitting, and changes in the nails.


Psoriasis symptoms vary from person to person, but some typical ones include:

  • The elbows, knees, scalp, trunk, palms, and soles of the feet are the most common locations for these itchy or painful patches of thick, red skin with silvery-white scales.
  • Dry skin that is cracked and bleeds or itches.
  • Nails with thick ridges and pits.


Psoriatic arthritis, a similar illness that causes painful, swollen, stiff joints, affects some patients. Psoriatic arthritis is one of the most harmful types of arthritis, therefore, it’s critical to consult your doctor as soon as you notice any symptoms. Psoriasis symptoms frequently come and go. There may be periods when the symptoms worsen, known as flares, and then there may be periods when the patient feels better.


There is a widespread belief that psoriasis cannot be treated and is therefore incurable. This impression is not entirely accurate. Steroids are the cornerstone of the allopathic medical approach to treating psoriasis. Regular or sustained usage of steroids might have negative consequences and is counterproductive. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) and exercise are both used in conventional medicine. There are lots of side effects of conventional medicines and hence homeopathy is becoming more and more popular as an effective and safe psoriasis treatment. There are absolutely no adverse effects of the psoriasis treatment homeopathy.


When psoriasis has been identified and the first patches appear, homeopathy should be considered as the initial course of treatment. Psoriasis is a skin ailment and a result of a malfunctioning immune system. People with specific inherited predispositions are more prone to get psoriasis. The extensive nature of the problem necessitates a rigorous and thoroughly considered course of treatment. Psoriasis treatment in homeopathy can restore the immune system’s health and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The underlying reasons for the illness are targeted and treated with homeopathic remedies, which restore the immune system to its healthy state.


Homeopathic psoriasis treatment duration varies from case to case. To shorten the duration of treatment and limit the possibility of future disease problems, homeopathic treatment should be initiated right away. In comparison to other types of psoriasis, those that affect the scalp, joints, and nails require a lot longer time to treat than others. Lesions heal far more slowly in severe cases of psoriasis than in milder forms (severe where more than 50% of the body is affected). Another crucial element that must be taken into account throughout the case-taking process and has a big impact on the length of the therapy is the history of medications. The patient’s general health and overall immunity also have a significant impact on how quickly they recover from psoriasis.


Homeopathic Medicines for Psoriasis:

Here are some effective homeopathic solutions for psoriasis.

  • Arsenicum album

People who need this medicine are typically worried, restless, and obsessively tidy and organized. They frequently feel extremely cold, have a lot of physical complaints and searing aches, and get tired easily. The skin is flaky, dry, and prone to infection.

  • Sulfur

A need for this treatment is indicated by intensely stinging, itchy, inflammatory eruptions that get worse with heat and bathing. The affected areas frequently have scaling, red, irritated skin that becomes inflamed from scratching. People who have frequently used drugs to suppress psoriasis (without success) may find this therapy to be useful.

  • Graphites

People who require this treatment frequently have a long history of skin problems. Warmth frequently makes itching worse, and the sufferer may scratch the inflamed areas until they bleed. Another common symptom that indicates the need for this medication is difficulty concentrating, particularly in the morning.

  • Sepia

A person who feels drained and irritable, frequently lacking excitement for a job or family life, may get relief from this homeopathic medicine. The patient whose skin appears to be dry is given Sepia. Circulation issues and signs of hormonal imbalance are frequently observed (in either sex).


Lifestyle Modifications That Can Alleviate Psoriasis:


Here are some lifestyle changes you can make to soothe or get rid of psoriasis symptoms:

  • Creating a healthy, balanced food plan is one of the most crucial and initial steps in managing persistent psoriasis. You can seek the assistance of your dermatologist or homeopath for this. An immune system that is strengthened by a nutritious diet can protect the body from infections that might worsen your skin problem. Additionally, before including any dietary supplements, such as ester C or fish oils, into your diet to relieve psoriasis symptoms, you should speak with your doctor.
  • Many medical professionals advise patients to keep a journal to record their psoriasis outbreaks and triggers. For instance, various factors including the weather, certain meals, stressful situations, and certain medications might cause psoriasis to appear. Once you are aware of your worst triggers, you can take steps to minimize or completely avoid them in the future.
  • The typical symptoms of psoriasis include irritation, big flaky patches, and red spots that are difficult to resist scratching. Try to avoid scratching, though, as doing so can cause infection. People who are prone to itching should take preventative measures such as trimming their nails short and sleeping with gloves on their hands to help them avoid irritating issue spots.
  • Those with psoriasis who drank alcohol merely two to three times per week had increased symptoms, interrupted periods of improvement, and a sluggish response to therapies should avoid or limit alcohol.
  • People who have persistent psoriasis are typically more likely to experience sadness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and even suicidal thoughts if they can’t manage their illness. To relieve some stress and manage your disease, many doctors advise psoriasis patients to contact a counselor or join a support group with other psoriasis sufferers.


If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of psoriasis, it is advised you take consultation with an experienced homeopathic practitioner . Obtain relief from psoriasis effectively and safely with homeopathy.



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