Teenage is the phase when one enters puberty. During puberty, the sexual organs develop and start producing hormones. In males, androgens, like testosterone, are secreted, and, in females, estrogen and progesterone are secreted.

Testosterone, though a male hormone, is produced in females in small quantities. It helps regulate sex drive, bone density, and fertility in both the sexes.

Fluctuations in hormones, such as testosterone, can cause an acne outbreak.


How Exactly Does Testosterone Cause Acne?

Our skin contains oil glands (Sebaceous glands) that produce oil (Sebum) to keep our skin moist. These glands are more concentrated in the facial area.

The secretion of this sebum is controlled by Testosterone. Testosterone stimulates the production of Sebum/Oil.

When these glands are blocked by skin debris, dirt, or pollution, they get inflamed and lead to elevated bumps called Acne. So, the overproduction of testosterone may cause overproduction of sebum, which increases the risk of inflamed glands leading to acne outbreaks.

Many people experience acne outbreaks during teenage as testosterone levels increase during this period, but acne can persist throughout adulthood.

Females usually get an acne outbreak before their menstrual cycles. But, in females, it is observed that acne result due to the changes in estrogen and progesterone levels rather than testosterone. However, females with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome show increased levels of testosterone. Also, medical studies have revealed that more than 50% of females with acne show high levels of testosterone.

Various causes can lead to the development of acne and hormonal imbalance in one of them. Other causes of acne can be genetics, bacterial infection, excess use of cosmetics, some medications, such as steroids, and unhealthy dietary habits, which comprise high and refined carbs, sugars.

So, if you suspect that hormonal imbalance is the reason for your acne, consult your physician who can diagnose the exact cause of your acne and determine the best treatment for it.

Think of Homeopathy if you have acne, as it gives the best results in treating and relieving you of acne safely without any side-effects, particularly when acne results due to hormonal issues. As homeopathy works on the root cause and restores hormonal balance, it eliminates the recurrence of acne remarkably.

So, if you happen to suffer from acne any time, count on homeopathy without a second thought.

  • Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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